Revenue Marketing Resources

Explore a range of marketing resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, and other valuable content created by industry experts that cover the latest trending topics.

F The Funnel

"F the Funnel" is a game-changing book for mastering revenue marketing and operations. Get your copy from The Pedowitz Group today.

AEM Migration: The Business Case For It + What Marketing and IT Need

What do marketing and IT leaders need to know for an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) migration? Get the answers and much more!

From Backroom to Boardroom

"From Backroom to Boardroom" is a must-read book for mastering revenue operations. Get your copy from The Pedowitz Group & take your business to the next level.

Telecomm Company Transforms Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Pedowitz Group's telecomm case study showcases how a Fortune 500 giant achieved a 600% ROI increase with Revenue Marketing strategies.

F5 Networks Unifies Global Marketing Operations

Discover how F5 Networks increased revenue growth with unified operations in this revenue marketing case study by The Pedowitz Group.

TraceLink Future-Proofs Marketing Operations

The Pedowitz Group's revenue marketing case study on TraceLink - see how they scaled their marketing with simplicity.

Marketing as the Growth Driver in Manufacturing

Smart solutions across production lines, operations, supply chains, and technology integrations represent manufacturing innovations designed to reduce costs.

Email Marketing: Strategy, Tactics, And How To Win With This Still-Crucial Channel

Yes, email marketing is still a vital piece of any marketing strategy. So, how do you make each touchpoint count? Start here.

Key Performance Indicators 101

Optimize your marketing strategies with The Pedowitz Group's KPI 101 course. Learn how to measure success and make data-driven decisions. Enroll now!

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