Revenue Marketing Resources

Explore a range of marketing resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, and other valuable content created by industry experts that cover the latest trending topics.

The AI Revenue Architect by Jeff Pedowitz

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and unlock the full potential of the Revenue Time Machine. Get Jeff Pedowitz’s book today!

Embracing Transformation: A Conversation with David Carrel, CMO of Thomson Reuters

In this CMO Insights podcast, David Carrel, CMO of Thomson Reuters, discusses the company's ongoing transformation and the role of marketing in this change.

Building Stronger Relationships: How Navy Federal Credit Union Puts Members First

Discover how Navy Federal Credit Union leverages purpose-driven marketing to build strong member relationships on this episode of CMO Insights podcast.

Strategic Marketing for PE or VC-Backed Companies: The CMO’s Roadmap to Achieving Results

Discover how CMOs in PE/VC-backed companies can empower growth through revenue marketing. Align strategies, measure ROI, and drive long-term success. Read now!

Unleashing Revenue Marketing: The CMO’s Game-Changer in Private Equity

Drive private equity growth with revenue marketing. Align strategies, demonstrate ROI, and unlock success. Explore our CMO insights!

Unleashing the Power of GA4: A Comprehensive Guide to Google Analytics 4

Discover the power of Google Analytics 4! This GA4 guide unveils exciting features and benefits, empowering you to gain valuable website performance insights.

The New Era of Content Operations: AI as the Ultimate Wingman for Marketers

Gain AI and marketing insights from Aprimo's CMO, Ed Breault, on leveraging AI, radical transparency, and CMO advice in this podcast.

Igniting Your Impact: A CMO’s Ultimate Guide to Boardroom Mastery

Dive into the exhilarating world of boardroom mastery and emerge as an unstoppable force within the corporate realm.

From ICP to ROI: Turning Ideal Customer Profiles into Actionable Marketing Strategies

Maximize marketing ROI with Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP). Leverage targeted messaging, segmentation, and sales alignment for conversions.

The Challenge of Balancing Short-Term and Long-Term Objectives: A CMO’s Story of Success

Conclusion | CMO Sofia Hernandez: Balancing short-term and long-term goals, advocating visionary products and revenue marketing for growth.

Innovation Against All Odds: Sofia Hernandez’s Fight for a New Technology Infrastructure

Part 12 | Visionary CMO Sofia Hernandez secures critical investments in new technology, transforming marketing capabilities for innovation and growth.