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Explore a range of marketing resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, and other valuable content created by industry experts that cover the latest trending topics.

Getting Started in Pardot: General Best Practices

This list of Pardot best practices will help anyone new to the platform - or needing a refresh on the fundamentals - to get started.

Customer Journey Mapping: Build (Or Update) Yours The Right Way

It's always about the customer. But, how do you build a sustainable method of updating your customer journey map? Start here.

Are you a holdout? Why you should switch to Salesforce Lightning from Classic

You're missing out on some seriously-great functionality that makes life easier. And Salesforce is only updating Lightning in product releases!

How Salesforce Transformed My Life From Injuries Suffered In Active Duty

My name is Josephe Hickox, and I was wounded while serving on active duty in late 2016. Learning Salesforce helped me build a new life.

Pardot Glossary: Every Term You Need To Know

Master Pardot with our comprehensive glossary! From campaigns to automation, emails to forms, become fluent in Pardot terminology and succeed.

B2B Marketing Attribution: When Are You Ready For A Robust Solution?

If you meet these five criteria, you're ready to adopt a more robust and scalable B2B marketing attribution solution than typical basics.

Create a B2B Organizational Structure for Modern Marketing Success

What does a modern marketing department look like? Evolve yours with the help of this blog, with a special focus on B2B applications.

The Top 3 Pardot Features We See Underutilized

From working on dozens and dozens of Pardot engagements with clients, there's a few Pardot features / tips I see clients miss.

How to Improve Your Email Engagement

Boost your email marketing ROI with The Pedowitz Group's expert-led email engagement course. Learn from industry leaders to drive higher engagement. Enroll now!

How to integrate Pardot lists with Salesforce campaigns in four easy steps

Strengthen campaigns by adding Pardot lists to your Salesforce campaigns ... and fully-leverage this integration for better performance!

How resource constraints negatively impact project management

[Updated Sept. 2020] Resource constraints cause project delays, more errors, high stress levels, and reduced team morale!

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