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The right partners often make the difference between hitting and exceeding revenue targets… or floundering below the mark.

Our partners produce game-changing results with us and our clients. And we can implement, optimize, or train to leverage them.


9Lenses powers interactive assessments that instantly transform Marketing-Qualified Leads into Sales-Ready Leads. At TPG, we use 9Lenses for all of our interactive assessments to enable our sales team to have better conversations – right from the start. Using 9Lenses, we’ve increased our Sales-Ready Leads by 62%, increased our win rates, and achieved a higher average deal size.

We can help you use 9Lenses to create better sales opportunities and a shorter sales cycle.


6Sense is an account engagement platform that harnesses big data and AI to pinpoint where accounts are in the buying process AND how to best engage them. At TPG, 6Sense empowers us to know – not guess – the intent of targeted accounts and how to best orchestrate ABM campaigns to drive the most ROI.

6Sense is the future of marketing. Learn how this game-changing software can catapult your ABM program to scale.


70% of the buying process is completed before a prospect even speaks with Sales. Uberflip allows you to create engaging content experiences that move prospects through the customer journey faster. At TPG, we use Uberflip to create personalized content that’s scalable and connected to revenue.

Want to learn how?

Corporate Visions

Why should I change? Why should I pick you? Why should I do it now, not later?
Your audience should be able to answer these three questions at any given moment in the buying cycle. Our partner, Corporate Visions, helps you clearly articulate your messaging so the answers are unmistakable to your audience. We’ve worked with Corporate Visions to tighten our own messaging, convey more value in conversations, and better connect Sales and Marketing.

If messaging is your roadblock, we’ll bring on our trusted partner who can help with a proven methodology.

C-Suite Network

Marketing has evolved at lightspeed in the last decade, and so has leadership’s expectations. CMOs have a higher turnover rate than any other executive and there’s unprecedented pressure on Marketing to drive revenue. C-Suite Network is an online space to connect with other executives and high-level marketers who are solving the same challenges you are.

CRM and Marketing Automation Consulting

Our expertise isn’t confined to just one platform, which allows us to partner with Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe for the latest developments while optimizing whichever is your current system(s) for sustainable success.

Select a marketing automation or CRM platform to jump to that section and see what services are available.

Data Management Platforms

Here are a few partners we’ve worked with to master data and connect team members across any team.

Content Operations Platforms

There’s plenty to choose from. Here’s a few we’ve created exceptional experiences that reinforce customer loyalty with.

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Digital Transformation

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Managed Services

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Experts On Demand

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Inbound Marketing

Right Channel, Right Message

Account-Based Marketing

Accelerate ABM Success

Custom Training

Tailored Learning Solution


Get the skills you need to drive more revenue with On Demand and live, virtual classrooms

Marketo Engage

Marketo Platinum Partner


Accelerate Leads to Revenue

Microsoft Dynamics

Optimize Your Instance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Certified Silver Partner

Salesforce CRM

12 Years of Integration Experience


Additional Technology Platforms

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Platinum Partner

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Bronze Partner



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