Revenue Marketing Resources

Explore a range of marketing resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, and other valuable content created by industry experts that cover the latest trending topics.

Igniting Your Impact: A CMO’s Ultimate Guide to Boardroom Mastery

Dive into the exhilarating world of boardroom mastery and emerge as an unstoppable force within the corporate realm.

From ICP to ROI: Turning Ideal Customer Profiles into Actionable Marketing Strategies

Maximize marketing ROI with Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP). Leverage targeted messaging, segmentation, and sales alignment for conversions.

Marketing Automation Services

Starting at only $5000/month, we help businesses optimize their platforms and grow revenue with marketing automation as a service. Get MAP admin support today.

Email Marketing Services

Starting at only $5000 a month, we help businesses reach customers and grow revenue with email marketing as a service. Begin your growth journey with us today.

Vision to Value: Unlocking the Power of KPIs

Gain valuable insights on using marketing KPIs to drive growth and success with our guide, “Vision to Value: Unlocking the Power of KPIs.”

Revenue Marketing Basics

Learn revenue marketing basics from industry leaders at The Pedowitz Group. Build a strong foundation for success with our expert-led course. Enroll now!

Lead Management

Convert more prospects into paying customers with The Pedowitz Group's expert-led lead management course. Learn from industry leaders and boost your revenue.

CDO Record Services Fuel Effective Eloqua-Salesforce Integration

Work through mountains of data effortlessly and clean up data records in Salesforce using Custom Data Objects in Eloqua!

Eloqua Data Cleanup Basics

Regular data cleaning in your Eloqua instance makes a world of difference. Automate it! Start here and get to saving time today.

Why Salesforce Flow is a Critical Step Forward

Two words: Simplified automation. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, for Salesforce users, migrating to Flows is well worth it.

The Secret Ingredient to Supercharging Your Tech Stack

Along with data, people, and strategy, process is often the unsung hero of effectively using your tech stack. Read more!

Eloqua is more alive than ever before

Eloqua can often bring strong reactions from marketers ... good and bad. I can tell you there's more than you may realize!

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