Telecomm Company Transforms Inbound Marketing Strategy

How a multi-channel inbound strategy achieved a 600% increase in ROI for a Fortune 1000 telecommunications company.

Client background:

A Fortune 1000 communications solutions company was using an inbound marketing agency to generate leads for their Voice IP (VoIP) service offering.

But, after seven months, $100K in ad spend had only resulted in 23 leads passed to sales!

Telecomm Company Transforms Inbound Marketing Strategy

Enter: The Pedowitz Group

With only vague communication from their previous agency, they hired us to assess their current results, identify the roadblocks and opportunities, and generate more leads from digital advertising.

1. Assessment

After an in-depth assessment, we identified two core issues that we’re preventing the client from hitting their campaign goals:

  • Single-channel strategy – They weren’t able to get the right message to the right people at the right time because they were only running ads on a single channel and weren’t implementing effective remarketing.
  • Inaccurate attribution – Attribution was not set up properly to track leads and ROI from their inbound campaigns in their marketing automation platform.

Our approach to inbound success is a four-stage process – Attract, Capture, Engage, and Nurture. The client’s immediate roadblocks and opportunities were in the Attract and Capture stages.

  • Attract – Attracting the right audience
  • Capture – Capturing the right data in the MarTech stack
  • Engage – Engaging leads and prospects through the customer lifecycle
  • Nurture – Connecting all interactions from first visit to closed opportunity

2. Design Inbound Strategy

To attract the right audience and get maximum ROI on inbound campaigns, the strategy must be designed around the customer and their user experience.

Our inbound strategy included:

  • Mapping the customer journey to a content strategy designed to get the right message to the right people at the right time
  • Using multiple channels to engage and retarget audiences along their journey
  • Identifying conversion goals that would capture data to gauge success and optimize the campaign

3. Set KPIs

Because we were implementing a new strategy, the primary goal was to achieve a 20% increase in MQLs in the first three months, then set ROI goals based on results achieved. We also set engagement goals to track interactions throughout the customer journey and pinpoint which tactics were most effective.

4. Implement & Test

We then launched the campaign and began split testing audiences, channels, and messaging. With trusted data, we determined the combinations that were driving the most quality traffic and leads.

5. Attribute & Scale ROI

After setting up proper attribution in Google Analytics and their marketing automation platform, we were able to attribute all new leads to content throughout the campaign. We then scaled up use of the content that was getting the most conversions at the lowest cost.

Business impact:

After three months, the new campaign generated a 209% increase in MQLs compared to the previous seven months, far surpassing the 20% increase goal. The leads generated from our campaign resulted in a 600% increase in ROI and we spent 23% less on advertising during the three months compared to the previous seven months.

Beyond hitting their bottom-line goals for their VoIP service, the client was also empowered with full transparency of their inbound strategy and results, allowing them to:

  • Strategically predict leads and revenue for future campaigns
  • Set KPIs that would be achievable and maximize ROI
  • Defend and increase their marketing budget.


ROI increase in the first month



Increase in total leads to sales



Increase in MQLs

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