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There’s always evolution happening in the marketing sphere. At The Pedowtiz Group, we’re always looking to stay abreast of the latest trends needed to adapt to evolving customer needs – and pass them on to you.

3 Powerful (Yet Simple) Secrets Enterprises Can Unlock for Their ABM

With all the buzz around Account-Based Marketing (ABM), you may be wondering: What’s the secret to being successfull? Here’s three easy-to-use concepts.

2020 B2B Marketing Predictions: New Ideas for Old, Tired Challenges

Ten years is a long time to see many trends come and go, but have the challenges really changed? Our team of experts weighs in on the industry, digital transformation, customer experience, and much more.

Rise of the Strategic Marketing Operations Function

Increase business impact by learning how marketing operations can shift from a reactive, technical function, to a strategic, proactive function that enables your business.

Why Capabilities Trump Skills in Digital Transformation

A skill can be acquired by a person, but a capability is acquired by an entire organization. Learn what capabilities you need to acquire more customers. 

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