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Drive marketing revenue and transform your business with our personalized martech services and consulting solutions from industry experts.

The Pedowitz Group has been an invaluable partner for Rackspace, helping our marketing organization be more agile in evaluating, onboarding, and adopting critical technologies that enable our ever-changing business.

Ben Staley

Director of Marketing Intelligence & Global Partnerships, Rackspace

Optimize your marketing technology for sustainable results and long-term success.

Making the most of your tech stack is never a one-size-fits-all scenario. You must leverage four core recommendations that can help you drive effective and sustainable optimization of your sales and marketing technology:

  • Identifying the functional core of your tech stack
  • Encouraging sales and marketing collaboration to identify what actually adds value
  • Curating your platforms to focus on meeting critical capabilities
  • Cropping away redundant or outdated licenses that don’t deliver return on investment (ROI)

Get the right expertise to unlock your martech’s revenue-driving potential with our full-service offerings.

Technology Awareness

Map out current and emerging tech that may best help you achieve your goals.


Understand how your organization uses what you’re paying for and get a roadmap to unlock the best possible outcomes.

Migration + Implementation

Know that you’ll get this right the first time. Put assets, data, preferences, and contacts in place and to your expectations – allowing you to make a faster impact.

Technology Adoption

Drives greater use of what you’re paying for – and make sure it’s used correctly across your business.


Don’t just get a roadmap… get it handled by experts! Drive optimal use and really get full value, from data quality and integrations to how teams use a given tool.


Make sure any team members know the full ins-and-outs of your platform and standardize how it’s used for scalable, predictable results.

Revenue Marketing Architecture

Defines how you use your technology – and how it works together – to achieve business outcomes that matter most.

Vendor Management

Control costs, mitigate risk, and drive greater service excellence by maximizing your existing relationships.

Work with expert consultants for leading marketing platforms. 

Adobe Experience Manager
Our marketing automation consulting covers all things Marketo, an Adobe company
The Pedowitz Group offers marketing automation consulting covers Eloqua, from Oracle
The Pedowitz Group's marketing automation consulting covers all things Pardot, from implentation to integration
Salesforce logo
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
The Pedowitz Group's marketing automation consulting covers all things Pardot, from implentation to integration
Salesforce logo
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Working with The Pedowitz Group is excellent. They are my go-to revenue marketing/ demand generation/MarTech agency. I have tried working with many but always come back to TPG.
Nat Cramer

Sr. Manager, Demand Generation, SS&C Advent

Get marketing technology that fits your organization’s needs.

You don’t need consultants who think about tools and platforms first and your needs second. You just need the guidance of platform-agnostic experts focused on capabilities rather than checking off platforms.

Here are a couple of the companies we’ve helped get there.

FinThrive logo

Superior Healthcare Revenue Management

FinThrive built a smarter marketing operations structure with multiple workstreams such as lead management, demand generation, website development via Hubspot CMS and more.

Realizing Value Through Better Efficiency

Telstra produced crystal-clear ROI, upleveled customer experience, and millions saved in wasteful licensing fees by simplifying their marketing tech stack and processes.

Make your martech stack worth it.

Ready to remove roadblocks, reduce wasteful spending and get tangible, measurable results from your tech? That means:


Engaging with the tech that has the most impact


Redeploying funds that could do more elsewhere


Driving true integration between your platforms and data


Ensuring that your tech matches your talent’s skillsets


Leveraging data to get more actionable insights

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