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Dr. Debbie Qaqish isn’t here to sell you on a panacea marketing technology or convince you of the critical data you just aren’t seeing. Rather, Dr. Debbie’s passion is found in the work she does every day—give marketing leaders the ideas, strategies, and confidence they need to reimagine the role of their marketing team and redefine its impact.

As Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of The Pedowitz Group, Dr. Debbie has helped marketing teams drive revenue growth, foster customer centricity, and lead digital transformation. With a focus on revenue operations, the customer experience, and a personalized, omni-channel marketing mix, Dr. Debbie has established herself as a thought leader and digital pioneer, spearheading the overdue shift of traditional marketing strategies to what she coined as “revenue marketing” in 2011. Since then, marketing operations became her area of expertise, devising strategy-to-execution plans that earn marketing a seat at the table.

A dynamic speaker and a prolific author, Dr. Debbie has published over one hundred articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and white papers on topics relating to marketing operations, revenue marketing, and leadership.

Dr. Debbie Qaqish earned her doctorate in 2019, is Partner and the Chief Strategy Officer at The Pedowitz Group, and leads strategic customer engagements.

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From Backroom to Boardroom

Reimagine marketing and prove you deserve a seat at the table.

Marketing is the driving force behind better businesses. Marketing departments create more than campaigns, clicks, and shares; their work creates bottom-line growth by building meaningful relationships. Through her work and writing, Dr. Debbie Qaqish is removing the stigmas keeping B2B marketing in the margins.

In her book, From Backroom to Boardroom, Dr. Debbie shares the methods currently revolutionizing marketing departments across the country. Key to her message is the shift from the traditional mindset to what she calls “strategic marketing operations.” By embracing this new tactic, CMOs are empowered to lead digital transformation, create a customer-centric approach, and ultimately, drive revenue. Her research on this subject led not only to proven results, but it also created an actionable blueprint for CMOs everywhere. Readers of From Backroom to Boardroom are given a clearly defined mindset, skillset, and toolset for building their own strategic marketing operation.

Diving into the real-world trials and success stories that shaped her philosophy, Dr. Debbie provides a roadmap for CMOs hoping to earn a spot at the table—and keep it. Her Marketing Operations Maturity (MOM) model has propelled dozens to the vanguard of modern marketing. From Backroom to Boardroom intersperses these stories through Dr. Debbie’s interviews with front-runners who embraced her practical, approachable methods.

If you want to redefine what marketing means to your organization and prove you are ready for the next level of your career, pick up a copy of From Backroom to Boardroom today.

Dr. Debbie Qaqish's From Backroom To Boardroom dives into marketing operations and how marketing leaders can drive respect and revenue in their organization!

Praise for From Backroom to Boardroom

By diving into the ways marketing operations can help achieve business objectives and overcome challenges faced by today’s CMOs, while also charting the evolution of marketing technology and the rise of marketing operations, Qaqish presents a clear case for why status quo is no longer an option. The book delivers a fresh perspective and definitive playbook on the critical need and roadmap to success for creating a best-in-class marketing operations organization. Extensive interviews and commentary by innovative marketing leaders help anchor her perspective and provide a real-world lens on the recommendations. Not to be missed, especially as marketing leaders struggle to adapt to rapid change in their organizations and prove their seat at the executive table. 
Julia Stead

CMO, Allocadia

Modern marketing leaders are driven by the complex, dynamic, and interconnected digital customer. The next-generation performance marketers are now responsible for revenue operations, customer experiences, talent management, and a brand’s emotional quotient. Dr. Qaqish’s book wonderfully explores these elements and more to help you accelerate through the barriers necessary to gain that seat at the table. 
Anand Thaker

Strategic Executive Advisor and MarTech Industry Insider

In her newest book, Dr. Debbie Qaqish has written the manual for marketing operations (MO) leaders and marketing executives to lead the charge in driving successful change with technology, data, process, and high-performing teams. In a world where marketers are increasingly accountable for driving revenue and better enterprise-wide decision-making, she clearly lays out where to focus your energy and the pitfalls to avoid.

David Alexander

Vice President of Marketing, F5

Honors & Awards

Chief Marketer Top 200 Agencies

Chief Marketer Marketing Agencies Top 200

Finalist TAG Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration)

Finalist TAG Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

Debbie Qaqish Top Women to Watch in Business; Sales Lead Management Association

Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) Top 20 Women to Watch

Finalist Marketo Partner of the Year

Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA)Top 20 Women to Watch

Top 40 Most Inspiring Women in Marketing
2016 – Kapost

SLMA – Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales
2015 Sales Leadership Management Association

Top 10 Women CMOs to Watch
2014 FierceCMO Magazine

SLMA – Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales
2014 Sales Leadership Management Association

Watchlist – Top Service Provider
2017 Paul Greenberg

CRM Watchlist – Top Service Provider
2016 Paul Greenberg

CRM Watchlist – Top Service Provider
2015 Paul Greenberg

CRM Watchlist – Top Service Provider
2014 Paul Greenberg

Revvie – Marketo Partner of the Year
2014 Marketo

50 Fastest Growing Private Companies
2013 Atlanta Business Journal

CRM Watchlist – Top Service Provider
2013 Paul Greenberg

Revvie – Marketo Partner of the Year
2013 Marketo

50 Fastest Growing Private Companies
2012 Atlanta Business Journal

CRM Watchlist – Top Service Provider
2012 Paul Greenberg

INC 500 Fastest Growing Private Company
2012 INC Magazine

Revvie – Marketo Partner of the Year
2012 Marketo

SLMA – Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales
2012 Sales Leadership Management Association

SLMA – Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales
2011 Sales Leadership Management Association

SLMA – Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales
2010 Sales Leadership Management Association

Highest Customer Satisfaction
2010 Eloqua

Revenue Marketing Radio

Join Dr. Debbie Qaqish as she interviews executives in her power talk radio for revenue marketing leaders.

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Dr. Debbie’s Services

In addition to leading a new generation of marketing leaders, Dr. Debbie is available for the following services: 

  • Speaking
    • Introduction to Revenue Marketing
    • From Button Pusher to Strategic Enabler
    • From Backroom to Boardroom with RevOps
    • 14 Strategies for the Revenue-Driven CMO Leader
    • Many more…
  • Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Video Series called “Get Real with Revenue Marketing”

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