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Marketing ops teams are often perceived as button pushers and tech geeks, not the bottom-line-driving leaders they can be.

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Dr. Debbie Qaqish's From Backroom To Boardroom dives into marketing operations and how marketing leaders can drive respect and revenue in their organization!

By diving into the ways marketing operations can help achieve business objectives and overcome challenges faced by today’s CMOs … Qaqish presents a clear case for why status quo is no longer an option.

Julia Stead

Chief Marketing Officer, Allocadia

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Dr. Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at The Pedowitz Group and author of Rise of the Revenue Marketer and From Backroom To Boardroom


Dr. Debbie Qaqish is a nationally-recognized pioneer in B2B marketing, author, speaker, and partner at The Pedowitz Group. She’s dedicated her 35-year career to helping marketers gain a seat and a voice in the boardroom.

As a marketing executive, she purchased her first marketing automation system in 2004. That early experience formed her opinion that emerging technologies were forever changing the role of marketing—in a big way. In 2007, Dr. Qaqish moved from practitioner to trusted advisor for marketing leaders when she became a partner of the Pedowitz Group.

As a marketing pioneer, Dr. Qaqish coined the term “Revenue Marketing” in 2010, introduced the Revenue Marketing Journey model in 2011, and published her prize-winning first book, The Rise of The Revenue Marketer, in 2013.

This book, From Backroom to Boardroom: Earn Your Seat with Strategic Marketing Operations, introduces a new lexicon and roadmap for marketing.


So, what’s holding you back from earning your seat in the boardroom and making the impact you know is possible?

This is not a book about technology, data models, or the latest in a series of bright and shiny toys so loved by marketers. It’s a soup to nuts guide to embrace the new breed of marketing leadership so you can build a strategic marketing operations organization that earns your seat at the table.

CMOs and marketing teams are under immense pressure to make predictable bottom-line contributions. But, they’ll never meet leadership’s unprecedented expectations without a strategic marketing operations organization.

As a marketing operations professional, you possess the data, technology, and business acumen that is essential to drive the entire organization forward through digital transformation, customer-centricity, and ultimately revenue growth.

“The missing ingredient is the right kind of leadership, and more specifically, a leader who also works and thinks like a Business Leader, not just a technology expert.”

From Backroom To Boardroom is a must-have for marketing leaders!

Marketing operations has gone from straggling to strategic. Or, more accurately, marketing operations now has the opportunity to be strategic.

To rise, as Dr. Debbie Qaqish eloquently puts it, ‘from the backroom to the boardroom.’ But you must seize the moment. You must ‘earn your seat.’

This book is your guide, and Dr. Qaqish is your coach.

You couldn’t ask for a better resource on your journey. Dr. Qaqish has spent years leading strategic marketing operations projects and programs for many of the world’s best brands. In this book, you’ll learn directly from the practices of Microsoft, AMEX, SAP, McKesson, Roche, Thomson Reuters, and more.

We’re entering the golden age of marketing operations and technology.

Embrace it. Shape it. Lead the way. This book will show you how.

Scott Brinker

Editor,; Author, “Hacking Marketing”


• Chapter 1: Profile of a Marketing Operations Leader
• Chapter 2: The CMO Connection
• Chapter 3: The Marketing Operations Maturity Model (MOM)
• Chapter 4: The Efficient / Effective Stage
• Chapter 5: The Get Revenue Stage
• Chapter 6: The Customer Centric Stage
• Chapter 7: The Next Generation Stage
• Chapter 8: Get, Keep, and Grow Talent
• Chapter 9: The Value Of Strategic MO To Key Stakeholders
• Chapter 10: Setting It In Motion: Next Stueps To Building A Strategic Function