Revenue Operations Consulting

Align sales, marketing, and customer success into a revenue-driving team for sustainable and repeatable results.

TPG was instrumental in helping us identify a target audience that could move the revenue needle quickly. They opened our eyes and helped us build the tools we needed to realize revenue.

Candice Willingham

Director of Marketing Automation, Mouser Electronics

The Pillars of Revenue Operations


Better managing qualified leads
More informed prospect engagement
Streamlined interactions
Scalable alignment with marketing/customer success


Unified retention goals with sales
Aligns with revenue goals
Builds relevant campaigns, content, and messaging
Highly visible across the organization

Customer Success

Aligned retention goals with sales/marketing
Customer experiences prioritized
Automated self-help opportunities for customers
Accurate dashboard reporting

We’ve had a hugely powerful, very successful partnership with TPG. Most of the work has been done remotely, but it feels like they’re in the room with us.
Andy McFarlance

Director of Enterprise Marketing, Telstra

Sustainable. Repeatable. Achievable.

The vision for your organization meeting and exceeding revenue targets is defined by the adjectives above.

It can be a challenge when trying to reconcile changing team structures, sprawling systems and data, and inefficient processes.

These are just a few of the companies we’ve helped overcome those revenue operations barriers that held them back:

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The Growth Methodology

Desert Financial aligned to the growth vision of 1 million+ new members in the next seven years by modernizing their sales and marketing operations.

Driving Alignment, Realizing Revenue

Mouser created a much stronger brand identity as a go-to supplier as well as eliminated silos between sales and marketing.

Revenue Operations Opportunities Await

You’re ready to make this happen, and we want to help you. Grab a time so we can start planning on way to make your revenue operations:


Drive collaboration and reduce friction


Align multiple teams on shared goals


Get organizational buy-in and accountability


Identify optimal success metrics


Select the right tech to fit your team and organization


Resolve underlying issues like poor communication or siloed processes

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