Marketing Operations (MO)

Whether it is dispersed or centralized, the primary function of Marketing Operations is optimize marketing effectiveness with leading edge technology, optimized process, clean and current data, and rigorous results analysis.

The TPG Services for Marketing Operations include:

TPG’s strategic consulting services help organizations undergo a complete Revenue Marketing Transformation™. We recognize that this can affect people, technology architecture, and how departments and functions remain aligned. As a result, we offer a set of services to address the issues faced during periods of change:

Lead Management refers to the process of managing and tracking leads from acquisition to revenue. This process is the basis for measuring and influencing lead funnels, and deals with the handling and measurement of acquired leads, leads in your database, and existing customers in your database who can also become “hot leads” again. As such, it deals with the entire lifecycle of a lead from brand new to repeat purchases, and possibly even advocacy.

Our Lead Management services include:

Organizations spend hundreds of thousands per year on MarTech; spending a small percentage of that on ensuring good quality data is flowing through the technology to marketing users is common sense. If you plan to enrich or extend your database, your results will be better if you start from a known good database in terms of quality, and processes that feed and draw from information in that database. TPG offers the following Data Operations Services.

  • Data Operations Audit
  • Data Quality Management

At TPG, we believe data-driven-decision making should be democratized to the entire marketing organization. Beyond that, we firmly believe that data-driven-decision making will drive more meaningful customer experiences and should be part of every marketing organization’s approach to customer engagement. That’s why we created a suite of solutions that are accessible to virtually all marketing organizations. Let’s connect to discuss which questions to answer to have the greatest impact on your business.

Partner with us to bring our multifaceted approach to budgeting – the four lenses of budgeting – to your organization. Because nothing as important as determining which capabilities to fund should rely solely on a single perspective. The four lenses are: Strategic Alignment, Benchmarks, Comparative Performance, and Redundant Spend.

Want to learn more about our industry-defining methodology? Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this in-depth blog series to get a sneak peek.

CoE White Paper Part 1

White Paper: Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence – Marketing Operations Group

In Part 2 of the Center of Excellence White Paper you will learn the typical charter of a Marketing Operations Group; Marketing Operations organizational structure including key groups such as Reporting and Analytics; roles, necessary skill-sets, and responsibilities for key group members; and benefits of an effective Marketing Operations Group.

Marketing Technology (MarTech)

The Pedowitz Group’s MarTech services help your team learn, integrate and optimize the technology solutions in which you invest.

Adopting new technology can feel overwhelming, particularly while being held accountable for ROI. We can educate your team to allow for a quick kickoff and rapid adoption, integrate your entire marketing technology stack, and optimize both the technology you’ve chosen and your marketing practices to align with Revenue Marketing™ best practices and achieve optimal results.

The TPG MarTech Services include:

Marketing technology is typically deployed to increase productivity, open new avenues to success or provide information on the effectiveness of operations. Our many Certified Marketo Experts know you expect a strong ROI for your technology investments. We understand you want the implementation successful and scalable, the reports to be clear and valid, and your staff to be fluent in leveraging the technology.  Our long relationship with Marketo enables us to provide these best-in-class Marketo Consulting services:

TPG offers a variety of Marketo training options to fit all skill levels and all budgets. If desired we can develop a custom learning program for all skill and knowledge levels of the engagement platform. We offer a standard overview for executives, admin deep dives, advanced developer training, and tactical skill development such as designing and implementing responsive landing pages and emails, and educating sales on Marketo and MSI.

TPG has successfully partnered with Eloqua, now Oracle Marketing Cloud, since our company founding in 2007. Let our team guide you through every phase of your Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) use, from implementation to optimization.  Our technologists excel at solving the complex problems within the applications and have in-field experience as hands-on marketing and sales operations professionals. Our deep bench of professionals certified across the suite of OMC products is ready to help you get more out of your technology, leverage best practices, and, most importantly, drive best-in-class results from your investment.

Our Eloqua Consulting services include:

As one of the original ExactTarget partners, TPG has an intimate knowledge of the technology. Couple this with our understanding of best-practice strategy and execution tactics, we provide best-in-class ExactTarget and Salesforce Consulting Services:

With our Revenue Marketing™ Architecture services, The Pedowitz Group (TPG) optimizes your current marketing and sales technology stack to position your organization for future growth, expansion and success. We do this by evaluating your current technology, data structures and integrations then recommending optimizations to that architecture. We also will interview you on your future needs and goals to recommend a future state for your technology stack that will keep you and your organization at the forefront of your competition.

TPG has a team of solutions engineers with experience in developing custom integrations between sales and marketing technologies. We have a deep understanding of 40+ platforms from leading Marketing Automation, CRM, CMS, and other vendors.

Knowing the technology is only part of the answer, however. We are experienced with marketing and sales processes, reporting requirements, and the integrations needed to bind systems, data, and users in a manner that is optimally flexible and scalable. Our custom integration services bring together your IT, Marketing, and Sales teams and applicable vendors to design and execute integrations that will make teams more productive, provide greater data insights, and maximize your technology investments.

A/B Testing Guide

A Visual Guide to A/B Testing

A/B testing is a simple way to optimize campaign performance. Download our visual guide to better understand what A/B testing is, why you should use it, and how you should use it.

Demand Generation

Once your strategy and technology are set, you’re ready to execute. The Pedowitz Group’s (TPG) digital marketing services can help you develop personas and the buyer’s journey, design and execute inbound and outbound programs and campaigns, Omni-Channel programs, media spend, in addition to overseeing the analytics, reporting, and revenue attribution the efforts produce.

Demand Generation includes lead generation, lead nurturing, brand awareness, account based marketing and installed based marketing.  Customers expect omni-channel engagement with campaigns that include email, website, search, social channels and in-store visits.

TPG is fortunate to have expertise in all of these channels, from Google and LinkedIn to email and Blogs. We are experts in search engine technologies, tag management, CMS, Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) and CRM. We know how to design and execute campaigns from Search to Revenue™, so we can tie media spend to pipeline and revenue by measuring in MQLs, SQLs and more. TPG can help you design and execute campaigns achieve results with these services:

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic Sales and Marketing approach designed to engage, acquire and expand business with high value prospects and customers through valuable, relevant, account-centric content. Further, ABM is far more than just technology. The tools that are available for hyper-targeting are designed to amplify an ABM strategy. If the strategy is missing, the tool cannot be optimized, and will not produce the outcomes that it was designed to achieve.

Content marketing is a marketing approach to engage prospects and customers with customer-centric information. To be successful in this approach one must understand the customer buying journey, develop a set of personas that will be leveraged in all inbound and outbound campaigns, and build a content operation that generates valuable, relevant content to engage customers.

TPG services to support these initiatives include:

The customer journey has changed dramatically over the past few years: buyers are more connected than ever before with 24/7 access to information. Consumers conduct research and form an opinion before they pick up the phone or send an email. With Grapevine6 see how social selling creates leads and meets quotas.

Grapevine6 arms your customer-facing employees with an easy-to-use tool to engage contacts with relevant content, build relationships and demonstrate success, resulting in quantifiable improvements in quota attainment and revenue production.

CoE White Paper Part 4

White Paper: Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence – Content and Digital Group

In Part 4 of the Center of Excellence White Paper you will learn the following about the Digital and Content Group:

  • Typical charter of a Digital and Content Group
  • Digital and Content organizational structure including key groups such as Content Strategy
  • Roles, necessary skill-sets and responsibilities for key group members
  • Benefits of an effective Digital and Content Group