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Oracle Eloqua Segmentation: Merge, Intersect, Trim

Do you ever get tired of exporting data to Excel segments? Powerful features available with Oracle Eloqua segments that allow you to merge.

Your KPI Roadmap And Data-Driven Marketing

How do you build a winning KPI roadmap ... and drive reporting that truly matters to business health? Start with this blog!

3 C’s of Marketing That Drives Revenue: Culture, Customer and Change

The 3 cs of marketing aren't new, but they still ring true for organizations today. And if you want to drive revenue, you'll need to embrace all three.

How to Use Progressive Profiling With Strict Mode Tracking in Eloqua

I recently worked with a client who has Strict Mode Tracking in place and wanted to implement Eloqua’s Progressive Profiling. This client has the 3rd...

5 Core Marketing Processes to Master

Any marketing organization needs to be fully-optimized in its processes. These are the five to master first for business impact.

Patience and Time are Critical with Eloqua Implementation

You’ve just purchased Eloqua and are excited to move the needle on your marketing journey. Here are tips to get going with your Eloqua implementation!

Don’t throw away money on your Marketo implementation

When you purchase Marketo implementation you ignite a chain reaction that can push you through the Revenue Marketing Journey™ to win a you a seat at the

Design your Eloqua campaigns with reporting in mind

Unlock powerful reporting in Eloqua campaigns with these simple tips: segmenting, tracking specific links, query strings, dynamic content, and more! #eloqua

Healthy habits for your marketing automation system

It can be easy to fall into bad marketing automation habits after system deployment. There are some good things you should do daily, weekly and monthly.

If this, then that: A guide to creating Lookup Tables in Eloqua

A Lookup Table contains useful data for automatically updating records with other data, it's quite easy to build, & can help you with your system processes.

7 Reasons To Hire A Strategic Consulting Firm

A strategic consulting firm can provide valuable input and some obvious wins for leaders looking to do more than they currently are.

Marketo Sales Insight (MSI): The stuff of legend

Achieve Marketing and Sales Alignment with Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) for valuable insights and improved results.

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