F the Funnel

Out with the old, in with the revenue. Jeff Pedowitz explores why your revenue model needs a serious upgrade for today’s landscape.

F the Funnel: Out with the old.

Funnel methodologies send continuous customer engagement and repeatable revenue down the drain.

This book is all about a different way of approaching these critical milestones that marketing departments need to transform from cost centers to revenue centers with a permanent seat at the table. Enter: The Loop™.

This concept accounts for the experiences and desires of both customers and the companies engaging them. With it, you’ll be empowered to create longer, more rewarding relationships with your customer base.

Embrace The Loop™. A competitive landscape requires smarter, sustainable revenue-generating models for marketing teams. The Loop™ breaks your team out of the one-and-done tedium of “the funnel” forever.

Jeff Pedowitz takes marketing leaders through new ways of thinking through revenue growth in F The Funnel!

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What’s inside F the Funnel:

  • Part I: F The Funnel
    • Chapter 1: Why Don’t They Love Us?
    • Chapter 2: The Story of the Funnel, From F to Null
    • Chapter 3: Newton’s Lie
    • Chapter 4: Because We Don’t Love Them
  • Part II: Welcome To The Loop
    • Chapter 5: The Loop
    • Chapter 6: Onboarding
    • Chapter 7: Adoption
    • Chapter 8: Value Realization
    • Chapter 9: Loyalty
    • Chapter 10: Advocacy
  • Part III: It’s Yours Now
    • Chapter 11: Personalize Your Loop
    • Chapter 12: Manage Your Loop
    • Chapter 13: Measure and Digitize Your Loop
  • Part IV: The Loop Is Not an Island
    • Chapter 14: Courting Change
    • Chapter 15: Brokering Peace
    • Chapter 16: Clarifying Roles
    • Chapter 17: Incentivizing Change
    • Chapter 18: Making Plans
    • Chapter 19: Training for the Loop

Today, successful CMOs have high pain thresholds, but willpower is not a long-term strategy for growth. F the Funnel delivers both practical advice and inspirational strategies for changing this dynamic.

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About the author.

Jeff Pedowitz is the president and CEO of The Pedowitz Group (TPG), a consultancy that helps clients change the way they get revenue. TPG helps companies create and execute new business models for driving repeatable, predictable, and scalable revenue in a digital world.

He has over 25 years of experience leading successful B2C and B2B organizations. Widely recognized as an industry expert and thought leader, he frequently writes and speaks on a variety of topics related to Revenue Marketing™️, demand generation, marketing operations, and marketing technology.

Jeff hosts a podcast, CMO Insights, where he interviews sales and marketing executives on the topics of business transformation, digital transformation, and the customer experience.

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The Loop™: An improved customer journey.

Most models focus on customer acquisition, but customer engagement and expansion are just as important. This requires alignment of your entire organization to transform your most valuable customers into your biggest advocates.

The Loop, The Pedowitz Group's lead management and customer journey model
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