TraceLink Future-Proofs Marketing Operations

How a supply-chain solution provider built crucial capabilities and increased revenue by $300M with marketing operations consulting.

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TraceLink is the leading digital platform company for the life science supply chain, bringing hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations together for the greater good of the patient.

Due to high growth, this pharmaceutical supply-chain’s tracking solution company needed to establish a centralized Marketing Operations Center of Excellence (COE). As part of the COE, they wanted a scalable system to manage project intake and execution.

Enter: The Pedowitz Group

They engaged us to analyze their current and future-state marketing operations and map plan to execute on their COE vision.

As it turned out, this endeavor enabled the client to be ready for pandemic-related supply-chain disruptions and supporting significant revenue growth.


increased revenue from core and new solutions in 2020


increase in marketing leads delivered to sales

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"It’s harder than you think to make this sort of a change. It helps to have a strong partner. You really helped us map out a plan and bring in best practices in order to scale."



How Did It Happen?


TPG audited and assessed all major components of Tracelink’s marketing operations, including:

  • Architecture – We categorized all platforms in the client’s MarTech stack, identified gaps, then proposed infrastructure changes in alignment with program goals.
  • Campaign Strategy & Design – We audited the client’s program and campaign development and deployment processes, identified gaps, then proposed delivery and content options to improve customer engagement.
  • Multi-channel Delivery – We audited the client’s inbound and outbound channel usage, identified gaps, then proposed multi-channel digital delivery strategies to increase reach.
  • Reporting – We audited the client’s campaign results and reporting, identified gaps, then recommended actions to improved closed-loop data analysis.

Design & Build


After presenting full-scope recommendations for enhancing Tracelink’s systems and capabilities, TPG guided the client through a design and build process.

  • Architecture – We helped implement changes to the Marketing Technology stack and platforms in line with program goals.
  • Campaign Strategy & Design – We worked with the client to map customer journeys and align content in order to deliver more relevant campaigns.
  • Multi-channel Delivery – We optimized multiple inbound channels, including paid and organic Search, social media, and digital display ads.
  • Reporting – We worked with the client to ensure standard and ad hoc reports provided accurate, actionable data for decision-making.

Create a Ticketing System


Because they utilize offshore resources, Tracelink needed a global ticketing system to manage intake and execution both globally. We helped them to develop and implement standard business processes across all global business units, using a ticketing system to manage intake and execution.

Implement & Test 

We then launched the campaign and began split testing audiences, channels, and messaging. With trusted data, we determined the combinations that were driving the most quality traffic and leads.
Attribute & Scale ROI 

After setting up proper attribution mechanisms, we were able to attribute all new leads to content throughout the campaign. We then scaled up use of the content that was getting the most conversions at the lowest cost.


TPG created a multi-year campaign roadmap that accelerated Tracelink’s planning process by six months. This positioned them to continue successful marketing operations when the pandemic brought other companies to a standstill.

This client met their annual revenue goals by adding $14M from core compliance solutions and $6M from new value-based solutions.

We continue to provide managed marketing support services through the ticketing system. The COE continues to accelerate pipeline velocity in an uncertain economy.

Services Used:

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Marketing Operations | Inbound Marketing | Digital Transformation | MarTech Stack


increased revenue from core and new solutions in 2020


increase in marketing lead delivered to sales


months accelerated planning prior to the pandemic

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