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Explore a range of marketing resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, and other valuable content created by industry experts that cover the latest trending topics.

4 surprisingly simple Eloqua capabilities you’re not using, but should be

Discover hidden Eloqua gems: Contact Washing, Page Tagging, Email Frequency Report, and A/B Testing. Elevate your marketing game with these simple tricks!

Managing complex projects: Focus on benefits, not just deliverables

If you aren’t managing the benefits expected from the project, the probability of them being realized is low. Get tips on how to succeed here.

Balance marketing automation resource constraints

Oftentimes, marketing teams won't have seven individuals in the entire department, let alone dedicated solely to Marketing Operations.

Change management in technology implementations

Did you know strong change management in technology implementations drives far greater ROI? Realize more benefits and adoption of new processes!

Why Does Marketing Exist?

To inform and educate those who might be interested in our products / services about their potential, effectiveness, and availability!

6 Tips for using your preference center

Many people think that an unsubscribe link & a website/landing page that confirms you have unsubscribed is enough, but it is barely scratching the surface.

Marketo Lead Scoring And Leveraging Program Tokens

Lead scoring is an art and a science. As a Marketo user, you may find yourself changing lead scoring values as you refresh your lead scoring system.

Last mile delivery with marketing automation

The last mile concept is a key ingredient to marketing automation success because it helps to deliver the ultimate promise of marketing automation.

How to report on PDFs saved in file storage in Eloqua 10

Tracking links in Eloqua is important for reporting, but how do you report on links that are on landing pages?

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