Professional Code of Conduct, Vendor and Partner Relationships

All The Pedowitz Group employees and subcontractors (collectively known hereafter as “TPG”) must adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. Our core values of integrity, results, innovation, service and personal growth are put to the test every day, which is why we need to ascribe to a Code of Conduct that emphasizes the importance of them. We value the relationships we have with our trusted partners. TPG should avoid even the slightest appearance of improper behavior or lack of ethical standards when dealing with both customers and partners. TPG members should conduct themselves according to the standards expected of members of the professional community of which TPG members aspire.

Specifically, TPG members will follow these standards at all times:

  1. Stay with the partner that brought us in. When a partner invites us to co-sell an opportunity and we actively participate by a) attending a virtual or in-person meeting b) reviewing confidential materials c) leading a demonstration d) providing analysis or consulting guidance or e) scoping services, then we stay with the partner that brought us in. Under no circumstances will we switch to another partner to provide a similar service. Additionally, if the co-sell team (Partner/TPG) loses the opportunity, we will not switch to the winning partner nor will we co-sell with a competitive partner to that customer for a period of one year.
  2. Independent Selection. If a client calls TPG directly and requests an objective and independent vendor selection, then TPG will use its methodologies and knowledge in an arbitrary and agnostic fashion, with the goal of helping the customer select the most appropriate technology for its needs.
  3. Confidentiality. TPG will maintain the highest levels of confidentiality at all times. We will never share any information that is not in the public domain. This includes product roadmap, strategy, methodologies, best practices or marketing ideas that are supplied by one of our partners in a private or trusted setting. We will never use information gained in a private and trusted setting to the detriment of another partner.
  4. Non-Disclosure. We will never disclose publicly or privately any information that was provided to us in a confidential manner. This includes commenting on one partner’s strategy or proprietary information to another partner, showing one partner’s technology to another partner, or making any private materials of one partner available to another partner.
  5. Restricted Access. We will restrict access to instances of a partner’s application, documentation and know-how to only those people on our team that need that access. In no way, or at any time, will we make one partner’s assets available to a wider audience.
  6. Siloed Teams. We have formal and separate teams for each of our partners. To the maximum extent possible, each team works on one, and only one, partner application at a time and develops skill sets on only one application. This helps us maintain our objectivity and eliminates cross-pollination of potentially sensitive or confidential information.

The Pedowitz Group firmly believes that our adherence to this Code of Conduct will enhance our relationship with our partners, provide a trusting and mutually beneficial business partnership, and enhance our standing in the business community as trusted and respected thought leaders.