Lead Management Course

Master the art of lead management and convert more prospects into customers with our comprehensive course!

I have to thank The Pedowitz Group for everything they’ve done for us – we’re better for it and have been able to transform the Sales and Marketing functions at ipswitch.

Jeanne Hopkins

CMO, ipswitch

Who Is This Course For?

Teams who want to elevate their lead lifecycle within Marketing, Sales, and Operations.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to enable your team to be more efficient
  • Measure and scale the maturation of leads
  • Optimize systems
  • Grow revenue

What Makes This Course Different? Why TPG?

Lead Management is complex in nature and TPG has honed how to best facilitate collaboration between departments around Lead Management to encourage an iterative process. There is a reason you don’t boil the ocean…

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Preparation and Introduction

  • What is Lead Management?
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Define your goal
  • Setting Expectations

Module 2: Define a Qualified Lead

  • What is a “qualified lead”?
  • What are the ideal prospects?
  • What are ideal customers?
  • Operational: How do you define a qualified lead in your MAP/CRM?

Module 3: Lead Stage Progression

  • Status vs Stage
  • Labeling and Defining
  • Operational: Stage and Status field best practices for MAP/CRM

Module 4: Data Matters

  • Lead Management Fields and Data Best Practices
  • Why free text fields will ruin your data
  • Best practices on data standardization while capturing nuance

Module 5: Scoring

  • Scoring models and how to choose one
  • Creating your scoring roadmap
  • Operational: Implementing Lead Scoring

Module 6: Lead Processing and Routing

  • Notifications don’t have to be emails
  • Routing is more than the sales team
  • Operational: Flowcharts for the win

Module 7: Inflection Points

  • Service-level Agreements keep productivity and accountability in perspective

Module 8: KPIs and Metrics

  • KPIs vs Metrics and how to put them in practice
  • What do you currently measure?
  • What are your goals?
  • Do your current measures align with your goals?
  • How should your goals be measured?
  • Data

Module 9: Next Steps

  • Summary of Key Concepts
  • Implementing Lead Management in Your Organization
  • Next Steps for Continuous Improvement

Meet Your Instructor

virginia crandall

Virginia Crandall

Strategy Consultant

Virginia Crandall is an experienced marketing professional who began her career managing marketing automation platforms. In 2018, she expanded her expertise to include strategy, messaging, and customer experience, creating comprehensive marketing and sales approaches for go-to-market (GTM) initiatives. Since joining The Pedowitz Group in 2020, Virginia has continued to deliver innovative marketing solutions for our clients, just like you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On-Demand vs On-Demand with Consulting vs TPG Facilitated Sessions

On-Demand is intended for teams who are looking to optimize an already strong Lead Management process.

On-Demand with consulting will help teams who would benefit from additional coaching or lines of thought to consider.

TPG Facilitated Sessions are best for teams who benefit from an in-person experience, or who benefit from having an outside perspective to guide them in best practices (digitally or in person).

What is the time commitment?

Each Module should be treated as a separate meeting. Teams with strong collaboration will find the meetings to be quicker.

How do I best facilitate this with my team?

Prioritize time by setting meetings in advance. Create a shared repository for digital collaboration. Read through the checklist for your upcoming session and send reminders for any preparation needed for the participants in the next session.

Can we do all of this in one meeting?

NO! When TPG facilitates Lead Management with clients we can sometimes combine sessions and have a minimum of three meetings that last two hours each. Don’t rush the process.

What if we get stuck?

We are always here to help. If you are nervous your team will get stuck, consider the On-Demand with Consulting version.