Marketo Engage Advanced Admin Course

Take advantage of everything Marketo has to offer. As an administrator, you need advanced skills and strategic insight – and this course is for you.

The instructors have great knowledge of the product. They answered all the questions very well.

Feedback from Marketo course attendee

Why Join This Course?

Our Advanced Course delivers sophisticated knowledge to build out capabilities to max out every feature you’re paying for with the platform.

We get into features that transform your marketing efforts with the functions your competitors are afraid to touch:

  • Advanced features around engagement programs, tokens, and dynamic content.
  • Custom objects, activities, and more.
  • Integration of APIs and webhooks
  • System administration and driving results through Marketo-fueled teams.

Our course offers more instructor time than other options available on the market – and from experts working on in the platform with clients now.

Who Should Take This Course?

Due to the pace and content of this advanced course, prior experience with Marketo Engage is a must. Passing our Beginner’s course is highly recommended, but not required. Students should understand the concepts listed on the Beginner page to get the most out of this advanced course.

We also offer a Marketo Certified Expert exam prep course for those looking to level up their career!

What Do You Need To Take This Course?

Intermediate knowledge of Marketo (typically have been using Marketo for at least 1-2 years). In addition to a connected device, we recommend a headset, second screen or monitor, mouse, and pop-ups enabled to get the most out of this course.

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Live Classroom

a live (virtual or on-site), instructor-led classroom experience for you and your team. includes access to a sandbox environment.

Course Curriculum


  • User and Permission Management
  • Workforce and Partition Management
  • Landing Page and Email Settings
  • Database Management
  • Integration Management
  • LaunchPoint Integration


  • Advanced use of Tokens
  • Tokens in Flow Steps
  • Tokens in Programs
  • Tokens in HTML
  • Velocity Email Scripting


  • Design Best Practices
  • Email Design
  • Segments and Segmentations
  • Dynamic Content in Emails
  • Dynamic Content in Landing Pages
  • Dynamic Content in Forms


  • Tracking Inbound Marketing
  • Advance use of Engagement Programs
  • Multi-Stream Engagements
  • Nested Programs
  • Multi-Channel Programs


  • Custom Objects and Custom Activities
  • Webhooks & APIs
  • Audit Trail
  • Attribution Reporting

Live Classroom

a live (virtual or on-site), instructor-led classroom experience for you and your team. includes access to a sandbox environment.

Meet Your Instructors

Alex Taylor helps teach our Pardot Foundations class for those getting started and wanting to learn the basics
Michelle Lewis
Michelle is the Marketo Practice Lead at The Pedowitz Group, where she provides hands-on subject matter expertise to clients in addition to leading our team. She is certified in Marketo and Eloqua and has helped teach innumerable training classes and over 50 students.

Fun fact: Michelle can speed-read pig Latin!

Meredith teaches TPG's Marketo Engage Advanced Admin course in addition to working with large clients
Meredith Rhodes
Meredith is a Marketing Operations Consultant at The Pedowitz Group, where she helps clients drive revenue with lead management and marketing automation strategy.

She is certified in Marketo and Adobe Experience Manager and is located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Live Classroom Experience

Experience live training with expert instructors and access to a sandbox environment for the length of the course. Contact us for more info!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the Virtual Classroom learning experience?

The Virtual Classroom is led by a highly experienced, certified instructor who will guide you through the content and answer your questions in real-time. The course requires a commitment of 16 hours over four days in 4-hour sessions.

The sessions are not recorded, but we will answer any questions you have throughout the 16 hours – so be prepared for some note-taking!

How much does the course cost?

The investment in the course is $750. This course is the most efficient and effective way to jumpstart the skills you need to drive more revenue with Marketo Engage.

How do I convince my boss I need this course?

The Pedowitz Group is a Marketo Platinum Partner and 3x Partner of the Year. Our team of certified experts specialize in leveraging marketing automation to drive more proven revenue.

With the investment in this live, expert-led course, you’ll quickly build the skills that are critical to navigate Marketo Engage and execute results-driving campaigns.

Do I get access to Marketo?

With the hands-on training, you do! However, this is only for the duration of the course, so we only recommend marketers with dedicated access to the tool (or soon-to-be access) enroll.