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MCE Prep Course

Prepare to get certified as a Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) with our expert-led Marketo Engage MCE Prep Course and take your marketing career to new heights!

The instructors have great knowledge of the product. They answered all the questions very well.

Feedback from Marketo course attendee

Why Join This MCE Prep Course?

The next step in your Marketo journey is to pass the MCE exam. But what’s going to appear on the test, and how can you maximize time spent studying for it?

This course is the easiest route to success, supports the latest version of the course, and is laser-focused on:

  • Reviewing Marketo content that appears on the test
  • Mapping to exam objectives
  • Using sample test questions
  • Maximizing your time in a faced-paced, virtual format

What Makes This Course Different? Why TPG?

All of our classes are also developed by consultants who are actively using the tool now for companies like yours! (Want a helping hand? Our Marketo consulting is the answer)

Who Should Take This Course?

Marketers who possess practical, working knowledge of the Marketo platform and need to gain or renew their Marketo Expert certification.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge but not prepare for the exam, our Advanced Admin course is perfect for you.

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Live Classroom

a live (virtual or on-site), instructor-led classroom experience for you and your team. includes access to a sandbox environment.

Course Curriculum


  • Overview of four program types
  • Program tags and period costs
  • Engagement program details
  • Sending Emails and A/B testing
  • Events and Smart Campaigns


  • Personalization and tokens
  • Dynamic content, customization and segmentation


  • Lead scoring
  • Sales and marketing responsibilities


  • Report types
  • Building and customizing reports
  • Managing analytics and report summaries


  • Managing roles and legal compliance
  • Data management
  • Marketing and operational emails
  • Creating and deploying forms
  • Utilizing landing pages and marketing calendar features


  • Practice exam
  • Sample exam questions
  • Exam objectives
  • Additional resources for Marketo success

On-Demand Course

Take the Marketo MCE Prep course at the time and pace that works for you with our On-Demand option for $500.

Meet Your Instructors

Alex Taylor helps teach our Pardot Foundations class for those getting started and wanting to learn the basics
Michelle Lewis
Michelle is the Marketo Practice Lead at The Pedowitz Group, where she provides hands-on subject matter expertise to clients in addition to leading our team. She is certified in Marketo and Eloqua and has helped teach innumerable training classes and over 50 students.

Fun fact: Michelle can speed-read pig Latin!

Alex Taylor helps teach our Pardot Foundations class for those getting started and wanting to learn the basics
Tara Crunk
Tara is a Senior Consultant with the Pedowtz Group with over 25 years of development and technical experience. She is a powerhouse on the Marketo Engage platform as well as a master of many programming languages such as SQL, VB, and C#. She is also a certified Salesforce Admin and Pardot Consultant.
Kristina Neahr
Kristina Neahr
Kristina is a Marketing Operations Consultant at the Pedowitz Group, specializing in Campaign Implementation & Management. She is certified in Marketo with 10+ years of experience, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and lives south of Atlanta with her husband and two boys.

Live Classroom Experience

Experience live training with expert instructors and access to a sandbox environment for the length of the course. Contact us for more info!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I gain from this MCE Prep course?

You’ll be able to confidently take the Marketo Expert certification exam knowing that you learned the necessary concepts from a 3x Marketo Partner Of The Year.

With the hands-on learning, expert review, and dedicated practice times + tips from someone who’s passed the course multiple times, you’re in great hands!

Is the On-Demand course or Virtual Instruction-Led (VILT) Classroom right for me?

You might choose the Virtual Classroom option ($1,000) because it’s led by a highly experienced, certified instructor who can answer your questions in real-time. Committing to Virtual Classroom dates also allows you to schedule your studying time and prevent procrastination or last-minute cramming.

In the On-Demand course ($500), you get access to the same modules covered in the Virtual Classroom, but it’s a self-paced online course. You might choose this if you’re unable to commit to any of the Virtual Classroom dates and need to complete the course at a time and pace that works for you.

What do I need to take this course?

You need a practical, working knowledge of Marketo and dedicated time to the course in order to succeed.

The time commitment for the Virtual Classroom is from 10 am to 1 pm EST on three consecutive days. The On-Demand option is a self-paced course, and it takes 4 hours on average to complete.

How do I convince my boss I need this course?

This course was developed by a 3x Marketo Partner of the Year to help you maximize your studying time and pass the Marketo Certification Expert (MCE) exam. It’s laser-focused on the material you need to master and includes a practice exam.

In addition, the Virtual Classroom option ensures all your questions are answered in real-time from an expert, certified instructor!

How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll have lifetime access to the modules for the On-Demand course. The Virtual Classroom is accessible for the duration of the course.

What version of the test is supported?

We keep materials updated to match the latest version as our consultants have to remain certified on the platform. You can always know you’ll get the most up-to-date information!

Why your class vs. Adobe's?

More hands-on training, more time spent preparing, and you get access to people who do what you do on a daily basis … drive revenue through Marketo Engage!

What's your pass rate for the MCE Exam?

We actually haven’t tracked this, but to date only one person out of dozens has reached back out saying they didn’t pass on their first attempt.

We’re happy to provide more details and talk further – just contact us with your questions!