Revenue Operations Webinar: The RevOps Difference

Learn how alignment and customer centricity supercharge enterprise revenue with our groundbreaking RevOps study including actionable findings.

Supercharge your revenue with alignment and customer centricity.

Revenue operations is a team sport, where sales, marketing, and customer success join forces to drive more revenue and reduce customer friction. But how do you enable this in your organization, and what might the costs be?

This is the webinar with answers, featuring TPG’s Dr. Debbie Qaqish and Acend2’s Todd Lebo with expert insights and analysis. Discussion topics include:

  • What are the key takeaways from the RevOps Difference report?
  • What key trends should leaders be aware of?
  • How have employee expectations evolved?
  • How have leading companies transformed how they do business (and what impact has it had)?
  • How do sales, marketing, and customer success truly work cross-functionally, and what challenges do they face in trying to embrace a revenue operations model?

Meet the experts.

Dr. Debbie Qaqish

Dr. Debbie Qaqish

Principal & Chief Strategy Officer, The Pedowitz Group

Todd Lebo

Todd Lebo

CEO and Executive Partner, Ascend2

Watch the RevOps Difference webinar.

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Access the special RevOps report.

The RevOps Difference research study reveals that organizations who have fully aligned their money-making teams under the Revenue Operations model enjoy better customer experience, customer conversion, and employee experience across industry verticals.

Expect more revenue with RevOps consulting.

Align sales, marketing, and customer success into a revenue-driving team for sustainable and repeatable results.

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