Revenue Operations Report: The RevOps Difference

Revenue is now a team sport that involves marketing, sales, and customer success. Access the special report to learn about aligning these business units to drive greater revenue.

Special Report: The RevOps Difference.

The RevOps Difference research study reveals that organizations who have fully aligned their money-making teams under the Revenue Operations model enjoy better customer experience, customer conversion, and employee experience across industry verticals.

Featuring answers to questions such as:

  • How aligned are the efforts, strategies, and goals across these teams?
  • What are the top factors driving towards greater alignment?
  • What do you expect to achieve regarding: your revenue goals?

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survey respondents in customer success, marketing, and sales.


likelihood of RevOps-enabled enterprises to rate their technology optimization as “excellent” vs. non-RevOps enabled companies.


of respondents said “lack of communication between teams” is a top challenge to providing exceptional CX.
Marketing operations evolves into revenue operations, with full customer centricity and predictable revenue growth

About the RevOps survey.

We surveyed 507 sales, marketing, and customer service professionals from companies $50M in annual revenue and above, with 48% of respondents from companies with $1B+ reported revenue.

They answered questions about their current challenges, cross-functional alignment, tech stack usage, and more to provide an understanding of how companies are embracing – or failing to – the benefits a fully-functional revenue operations engine can provide.

This report shows how the industry is moving, why it’s shifting that way, and what barriers continue to plague transformative efforts.

As an executive, there’s no other report like this on the market right now. The clear walk away from this is that revenue is a team sport and customer focus is the lever that drives revenue.”

Chief Strategy Officer
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The Pedowitz Group is a B2B marketing consulting agency focused on driving revenue through high-performing, measurable marketing

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