What is a Revenue Marketer?

what is a revenue marketer

The term ‘Revenue Marketer’, coined by The Pedowitz Group in 2010, describes TODAY’s B2B marketer who has some type of accountability for revenue. A Revenue Marketer is a specific type of marketer (like product, Marcom, etc.) who has revenue or revenue-related accountability through the kinds of campaigns, communications and digital interactions they set up and measure across the entire client life cycle.

They are responsible for working with sales to get high quality leads into the top of the funnel, and then to help accelerate opportunity velocity. They are measured by metrics such as percent contribution to sales pipeline and percent contribution to revenue.

The true hallmark of a Revenue Marketer is when they forecast their upcoming contribution to revenue, not just report on how they did last quarter. They all use some type of marketing automation platform integrated with CRM to power their Revenue Marketing practice and to get revenue results.

8 Competencies for the Successful Revenue Marketing Team

The 8 competencies for the Successful Revenue Marketing Team

During a recent presentation at the CMO University on the topic of Revenue Marketing, we were pleasantly surprised to see the level of executive interest in the key skills required to build a successful revenue marketing team for B2B organizations.

Revenue marketing does not reside within a single role – it is a team effort – and it requires a very specific set of competencies.

In our experience working with hundreds of leading revenue marketing teams who have fully leveraged marketing automation tools and seen a measurable impact on revenue as a result, we have found that the most successful organizations have focused on eight specific competencies and roles to build their revenue marketing teams.

Here is an eight-role framework you can use to address this critical skill set. This framework began as just five roles, but it has since expanded as we’ve worked with more and more clients and gained a deeper understanding of the roles required.

8 Skills White Paper PDF

Take the RM6 Assessment.

Revenue Marketing Transformation is the process of changing marketing from a cost center to a revenue center. The RM6 model gives you the framework for HOW to make this happen.

Taking the RM6 Assessment defines where you are – and where you need to be – across six key elements in the Revenue Marketing Journey. This tested methodology allows you to identify areas where you need assistance or lack skills or competencies and provides a detailed plan for addressing the gaps. The RM6 Assessment enables you to determine your unique path, sequence and path to achieve Revenue Marketing Transformation.

Using a scale of 1-4, where 1 is at the beginning of your journey (Traditional) and 4 is full Revenue Marketing status, assess your “as is” state and identify your “to be” state for the next 12-month period. Do this for each of the six elements.

So where are you on Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Content and Results?

Take this quick eight minute assessment and receive recommendations on each element of the RM6 – it’s like getting your own mini-playbook.



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