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About Rise of the Revenue Marketer: An Executive Playbook

This book is written for the B2B marketing executive who is responsible for answering the question “What are you going to do about revenue?” This one question begins the transformation of marketing from a cost center to a revenue center, a journey for which most executives are not fully prepared. To describe this transformation, I coined the term Revenue Marketing™ in 2010. This book was written as a Playbook for the executive responsible for leading this change.

I have personally worked with hundreds of marketing and sales organizations guiding them on their Revenue Marketing Journey. In addition, I interviewed 22 executive-level Revenue Marketers just for the book. Their stories, insights, and experiences provide valuable lessons learned for any executive on this journey.

Marketing executives reading this book will:

  • Gain insight from the Revenue Marketing practices of 22 marketing executives interviewed for this book
  • Learn about a new discipline called Revenue Marketing and how it transforms marketing from a cost center to a revenue center
  • Find out how to move Revenue Marketing from a strategy to an executable plan
  • Discover how to manage the key areas of change required on this journey
  • Understand and be able to apply the key plays for building a repeatable, predictable, and scalable Revenue Marketing practice

Every chapter is filled with quotes, vignettes and case studies based on the 22 companies I interviewed for this book, along with models, best practices and frameworks based on our experience in working with over 1,100 companies on their Revenue Marketing Journey.

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Chapter Summaries

This chapter begins by challenging the B2B CMO with the question: “ What are you going to do about revenue? This chapter introduces the concept of revenue marketing, defines it and provides data to show this is a proven concept and innovative strategy for marketing.

“The other day, Deron Frye, SVP of sales, said to me, ‘You guys are just a different breed of marketer than I am used to. You approach things much more scientifically and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard marketing talk about true, metric-driven programs.’ I laughed and told him that’s because we’re Revenue Marketers. Get used to this!”

Liz McClellan, VP of Field Marketing for PGi

This chapter introduces the Revenue Marketing Journey (RMJ), helps the reader assess where they are on the journey, and creates a vision for where they need to be. Provides executives their first high-level baseline of their organization.

“This is a journey, and no single journey will be the same because there are going to be different influencing factors. You have to find your own way, but gather as much information as you can from other people who have been through it. Reaching out is a very sensible and strategic thing to do because you will learn so much.”

Rachel Dennis, Director of Lead Generation and Retention at Getty Images

Once a CMO understands the need to take the Revenue Marketing Journey, this chapter provides the practical tool to accomplish that journey. It moves your organization from strategy to execution. We call it the RM6, a model with six controls – strategy, people, process, technology, content and results – that help each company establish its unique journey to revenue marketing. Each of the six controls is defined in detail in this chapter.

“Most marketing executives get the concept of revenue marketing. It’s operationalizing revenue
marketing that keeps them up at night. But it’s really not that difficult if you break it down into
six key elements–strategy, people, process, technology, content, and results. We call these
elements the RM6.”

Jeff Pedowitz, CEO and President of The Pedowitz Group

This chapter presents Level I people and skills. For the marketing executive first beginning the RMJ, these are the first skills that are required for success. We identify and define eight key competencies.

“The specialization of your team members is instrumental to the success of your revenue marketing strategy. And by having dedicated roles focusing on each components as quickly as possible, you are ensuring that they will master it and start optimizing it much faster than if everyone one is doing a little of everything.”

Alexandre Pelletier, Independent Strategic Lead Management Consultant

As a Revenue Marketing Practice matures, a new structure is often required. This chapter introduces the Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence concept and provides an enterprise model for the structure and roles.

“Building out a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence can take from six months to three years. It’s not an overnight journey. It’s not something where you can get everyone in a room, align on a strategy, and knock it out in a couple of months. This takes a lot of hard work and a lot of deep thought around people, process and technology to support what’s best for the organization as a whole and ultimately, what will provide the best customer experience.”

Nancy Harris, SVP/GM at Sage

The CMO is a change agent in the RMJ. This chapter introduces a 5-step model for managing that change.

“I’m passionate about bringing change to marketing here, and that means changing the mindset of marketers to revenue marketers.”

Amy Hawthorne, B2B Revenue Marketing Leader at Rackspace

This chapter discusses the importance of the marketing and sales relationship and introduces a model for how marketing can create synergy with sales. It also uses the change model from Chapter 6 to walk through how marketing can manage change with sales.

“Part of the challenge with alignment may be vocabulary. The phrase Sales and Marketing implies separate missions and functions. Today, the alignment must be seamless and inter-operable since many roles are dynamic and symbiotic across the entire revenue generation team.”

Jim Kanir, VP of Sales and Marketing, Billtrust

This chapter introduces metrics that matter in Revenue Marketing, discusses what they are and how to get them.

“Once we had the data and access to the digital body language, we were able to do a regression analysis correlated to conversions. I was truly honored that we have won awards for this work. To me, our approach was very intuitive and was just the next logical step in marketing analytics. I would not have done it any other way.”

Eva Tsai, Director of Marketing Operations at Citrix

This chapter introduces various methods for selling the vision for revenue marketing in a company and includes how to build a formal business case.

“We sold the concept of marketing automation and revenue marketing to the leadership team in bite-sized chunks. We then brought together 40-50 people from around the globe who were directly related to either a marketing leader or a high influencer. For two days, we held a global summit on the fundamentals of revenue marketing. They bought in right away. They then went back to their own teams — whether in a product division or selling region — and convinced their leadership that we needed to do this.”

Shawnn Smark, Head of Group Marketing at Bio-Rad

This chapter provides a summary for the book, acknowledges the still emerging state of revenue marketing, and provides some future predictions for the market.

  • Evolving Role of the CMO
  • Education: Revenue Marketing University provides executive level education to revenue marketers from Revenue Marketers
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Globalization

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs

About the Author: Debbie Qaqish

A nationally recognized thought leader and innovator in Revenue Marketing, Debbie Qaqish has dedicated her career to helping marketers answer the burning question of what to do about revenue. A true marketing revolutionary, she literally coined the term defining today’s new revenue-focused marketer–the Revenue Marketer.

Her firm, The Pedowitz Group—of which she is Chief Strategy Officer and a principal—is the world’s largest full-service Revenue Marketing Agency with more than 1,100 customers. As Chief Strategy Officer, Debbie maintains a thought leadership role in revenue marketing that helps to better define and shape this fast-growing and ever-changing space. In addition, Debbie actively works with many executives as they are leading the transformation of marketing from cost center to revenue center status.

Backed by twenty-five years of sales and marketing expertise, Debbie is a pioneer in marketing automation and revenue marketing–”first as an early adopter of the technology in 2005, and now as an advocate and expert. She is a frequent speaker, educator, blogger, and widely published writer on the issues facing executives as they lead revenue marketing change.

Before joining The Pedowitz Group, an Inc. 500 company, Debbie served as the VP of marketing, VP of sales, and VP of strategy for several award-winning education and technology companies.

Under her leadership, The Pedowitz Group has brought to market revenue marketing models, frameworks, and tools that are helping global clients along their journey to revenue marketing. Intellectual property examples include Revenue Marketing, the Revenue Marketing Journey, Revenue Marketing University, and the RM6.

Her other professional achievements include being a:

  • Widely published author in industry outlets including FierceCMO, AMA, DM News, CMO.com, BtoB Online, 1to1 Media, Top Sales World, DemandGen Report, Sales and Marketing Management, Sales Lead Management Association, Target Marketing, The CMO Site, The Sales Thought Leaders, and her new blog Rise of the Revenue Marketer;
  • Well-known national speaker at top industry events, radio shows, and customer conferences;
  • Current PhD candidate, working on a dissertation topic related to Revenue Marketing;
  • Chancellor of Revenue Marketing University–an educational forum run by revenue marketing executives for revenue marketing leaders;
  • Sales Leadership Management Association (SLMA) Top 20 Women to Watch and Top 50 Most Influential People; and a
  • Visiting professor at William and Mary’s Mason School of Business MBA program in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Debbie lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two dogs, and one cat. She has two lovely daughters who are engaged in sales and marketing careers. Debbie is an avid reader, CrossFit enthusiast, and hiker on the mountain trails of North Georgia.

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