Does your MarTech
Stack Stack Up?

The average marketing enterprise engages with almost 100 cloud-based services, choosing from a crowded field of thousands. It takes skill and experience to select the right stack and rally those expensive apps to perform to your advantage. TPG brings the expertise.



Ensure you have the right apps in your lineup to meet your unique needs and objectives.


Get the most out of the features you’re paying for. We’ll find capabilities you didn’t know you have.


The true power of MarTech is to make decisions with data. We’ll make the connections to drive these insights.

Do you suffer from:


Being the only expert at your organization for a given platform?


Constantly fixing tech issues vs generating leads?


Feeling more like an IT help desk than a strategic marketer?


Struggling to keep up with data and privacy compliance?

Your Mix to the Max

We’ve worked with a number of clients to vet their mix of MarTech, then maximize their return on investment.


Figure out what you want to do with the system, define how you want to target your base, and then build the system that works on that. The Pedowitz Group was invaluable in helping us to understand all of this and put it in place.

Jim Kanir

Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, Billtrust


Our engagement with The Pedowitz Group has been a pleasure. Two characteristics of our Pedowitz team were especially noteworthy: • They are brilliant in the Marketing Automation tool we were using. They knew that a strong background in a common platform would help us advocate industry best practices internally. • They also effectively focused on results. The projects we built together resulted in significant productivity gains and developed faster program feedback, which made effective strategic decisions that much easier.

Ryan Shober

Marketing Operations Manager, EVault

Mining for
MarTech Gold

Optimizing the mix of marketing technologies isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, and we have a different recipe for every client. Several major considerations drive our recommendations: core, collaboration, curate and crop.

The Core

At the heart of most stacks is a CRM, and we know the major players inside and out. From selection to training and implementation, make sure you have the right tech at the heart of your effort.


We favor the utility players, so to speak, that fuel both sales and marketing functions and add value back into your organization.


What’s missing from your line-up? We’ll reveal the blind spots and connect you with capabilities you’re missing.


Most of the time, a stack has a few duds. Stop paying for them and wasting your time. We’ll help you shed this dead tech weight.

CRM and Marketing Automation Integration: An Adoption Timline

Integrating a marketing automation platform and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is no easy task. There are many items to account for, such as:

Legacy data

App configuration

Field Mapping

Historic Activities

The list goes on and on! Download this practical timeline to help you identify issues ahead of time to make your integration as easy and as seamless as possible.

It’s Time to Realize the Results You’ve Expected All Along from Your Technological investment

Optimizing your MarTech stack sets the stage for success at every other point in your customer’s journey.


Engage with the technology that has the most impact


Redeploy the dollars that could do more elsewhere


Drive connections between apps, so your data is integrated


Ensure skillsets so talent isn’t a barrier to tech


Tame the mass volumes of data you’re collecting, and distill it into insights that drive results.