multi-channel marketing

Getting the message out, and the prospects in, is the heart of Multi-Channel Campaign Development.

Meet inbound marketing goals with support to create targeted campaigns that support marketing strategies. 

TPG’s support for inbound marketing includes consulting around or even new development of multi-channel Campaigns. We’ll leverage your personas and inbound goals, then design a multi-channel campaigns that fills your pipeline with prospects.

From just a little help to a whole lot, we hone personas then use them to create or revamp your current landing pages, content and flow to drive and manage your engaging multi-channel campaign.

We Love a Good Campaign Challenge!

Campaign Discovery

Our first step is looking at any existing landing pages and assets in light of your strategic goal. We’ll also get under the hood with your technical tools, from website to MarTech.


The challenge on campaign design is getting all elements in sync. We create cohesion across ads, landing pages, CTAs, and channels to deliver inbound prospects.


A typical multi-channel or omni channel marketing campaign engagement delivers both campaigns and platforms, often seve.1ral of both depending on the need.

Our B2B SEO covers on-page, technical, and off-site strategies needed for complete success and greater visibility


Solve this Common Source of Anguish Now!

Set up or audit your Google Analytics dashboard so you can make informed decisions about your website.

Join Jonathan Searle, our Senior Inbound Marketing expert, in this short video series to help you optimize your Google Analytics. It’s just a quick preview of the kind of audits, insights, and actions that come through Inbound Consulting solutions from TPG.

Need A Google Analytics Self Audit?

If you’re not 100% sure your Google Analytics dashboard was set up and configured properly to collect clean data, do our quick Analytics Self-Audit now where we will walk through and discover:

  • Is the default URL set up correctly?
  • Are your referral exclusion settings configured correctly (e.g., if you use PayPal to process payments)?
  • Is “enhanced link attribution” turned on?
  • Is Google Search Console linked properly?

Google Ads integration:

  • Is it configured correctly?
  • Is PPC data showing up in Google Analytics?
  • Are the resulting clicks and sessions being recorded properly?

Ready to Build Your Analytics Dashboard?

If you trust your data but need direction on tracking inbound ROI and other key metrics, click below to build your analytics dashboard where we will review how to setup your reporting dashboards but also what needs to be tracked including:

  • URL Destination goals (Typically for Transactional or Forms)
  • Visit Duration goals (Conversion Behavior based on historical analytics)
  • Page/Visit goals (Conversion Behavior based on historical analytics)
  • Events (Typically reserved to track engagement where transactional exchange does NOT occur)

An Event has the following components. An Event hit includes a value for each component, and these values are displayed in your reports.

  • Category
  • Action
  • Label (optional, but recommended)
  • Value (optional)

When we were considering partners, several things made The Pedowitz Group stand out.

TPG started with a diagnostic and roadmap, providing insights on where we were and how to move forward – adding value before we even started. They did extensive homework about our company and our industry, building credibility and showing that they care about us and understood us.

Lisa Agona

CMO, Ensono


We were able to do so much more by partnering with the experts at The Pedowitz Group than we could have done without them. It has helped us generate top of funnel leads and nurture a large percentage of them through to MQL status with high-value educational content.

With this highly targeted persona-based campaign, we have been able to generate leads for a service offering that positions our sales team as problem solvers, not just sales reps. We are excited about the potential for revenue marketing within Xylem.

Bryan Gassler

Director of Global Marketing Communication, Xylem

Solutions to Your Questions

Our Multi-Channel Marketing Services will support your efforts to help questions such as:

Where do we start with a new campaign?

We’re sinking money into ads, but our click rate is lousy. How do we improve our return on this investment?

Our ad clicks aren’t converting. Do we have the persona wrong, or is something amiss with our landing page… Where is the breakdown?

Something is just wrong with our analytics and traffic reporting, but we can’t figure out the disconnect?

How do we drive a cohesive message across, ads, landing pages, and various channels?

I’m in a constant fight with sales to prove marketing delivers inbound leads, how do we address attribution and end the conflict?

Ready to Work with

Strategic Consultants that Get Results?

Let’s discuss your campaigns and platforms and the optimizations we recommend to get better results.


Competitive Analysis around keywords, ads, landing pages, and more


Errors and issues around website crawl, content, image, links and semantics fixed


Multi-channel integration


Analysis and improvement recommendations for paid, organic and social platforms


Advanced Analytics


Road map to increased traffic, conversion, engagement and results

Digital Transformation

Turn Strategy Into Action

Lead Management

Accelerate Leads to Revenue

Managed Services

Long-Term Support

Customer Experience

Wow Your Customers

Marketing ROI

Prove Your Power

Experts On Demand

Stop Troubleshooting

Inbound Marketing

Right Channel, Right Message

Account-Based Marketing

Accelerate ABM Success

Custom Training

Tailored Learning Solution


Get the skills you need to drive more revenue with On Demand and live, virtual classrooms

Marketo Engage

Marketo Platinum Partner


Accelerate Leads to Revenue

Microsoft Dynamics

Optimize Your Instance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Certified Silver Partner

Salesforce CRM

12 Years of Integration Experience


Additional Technology Platforms

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Platinum Partner

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Bronze Partner



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