Digital Transformation Consulting

Strategy, Meet Action

Your customers – and their expectations – changed. You need to adapt.

We know what success looks like: An embrace of core revenue-driving strategies that evolve everything from initial touchpoints to lead handoffs (and more).

Don’t settle for a fancy PowerPoint deck. Get a partner who wants to execute strategy for the long haul – and be held accountable for its bottom-line impact.


Make smart investments that gather the right data, and drive insight from it


Most digital transformation fails happen offline, with a misaligned plan


Acting on the insights with agility, and a unified sales/marketing approach.
Our digital transformation services take a TON of stress off key employees!

Do you struggle with:


Siloed customer data across your organization?


Disconnected digital customer engagement channels?


Lack of modern marketing skills to acquire new customers?


Loss of market share due to a disjointed (or non-existent) digital experience?

It’s time to upgrade processes, support better data, and set up your marketing team for short- and long-term success. No, it’s not simple or painless … but it will lead to more realized revenue and greater marketing credibility.

Truth in Transformation

Once our work takes hold, results pour in. Our digital transformation clients are fanatical about the results they get after engaging with TPG’s consulting to take a leap forward.


Given the short lead time and our inexperience with on-demand marketing, TPG clearly showed their experience.

The overall experience was really eye-opening and provided the foundation to our Marketing Automation efforts going forward.

Nelson Contreras, of Terex, recommends The Pedowitz Group for digital transformation consulting

Nelson Contreras



I’ve been engaged in technology marketing for more than 20 years and until now, I’ve never been able to implement such a sophisticated, automated contact strategy.

Using QlikView, we granularly understood where to dial up and down our campaign efforts, resulting in a dramatic, positive impact on our pipeline. The Pedowitz Group played a significant role in ramping up our marketing automation efforts and ensuring the smooth execution of many global campaigns.

Gretchen Mathews

Senior Director, Global Campaigns, QlikTech

What’s Your

Primary Challenge?

It’s change or perish. You know that. What you don’t know is where to start.

When marketers reach out to us, they typically talk about three symptoms. Which sounds like you?

Assessing your MarTech stack is a key component of digital transformation - you may find you have some systems you don't need or need others to elevate current processes
MarTech Stack

Every SaaS promises the end to all pain, but really it often creates more. We’ll tell you what really matters (and maybe save you budget in the process).

Evaluating and optimizing your customer experience allows your digital transformation to have your target audience in mind throughout the process
Customer Experience

You need cohesive messaging across a multi-channel execution. We have the expertise to drive consistent conversations that convert.

Nailing down your data integrity and ability to report marketing ROI are must-haves for any successful digital transformation

Data & Intelligence

This applies to external and internal-facing procedures. How’s your acquisition strategies … and what happens after a lead is in the pipeline?

Why Do Initiatives Fail?

Most marketers know prospects are already 60-70% through the buying journey prior to speaking with Sales.

So, how do you adapt, delight customers, and drive more wins for your organization?

Start with this must-have guide by Colby Renton, VP and Principal, Customer Engagement & Digital Transformation.

Aren't sure if you need our digital transformation consulting services? Grab this white paper on why your transformation may fail and see if you need help

Transform. Quickly.

At TPG, we’re focused on not just providing a pretty PowerPoint telling you what you already knew. We drive measurable results.


Plan. Execute. Holistically.


Fight information paralysis


Get ahead of change


Respond quickly to market disruptions


Prove ROI

Not ready for a call just yet? This assessment will help you better understand your team’s readiness and organization’s need for digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Turn Strategy Into Action

Lead Management

Accelerate Leads to Revenue

Marketing Operations

Increase efficiency. Remove roadblocks.

Customer Experience

Wow Your Customers

Marketing ROI

Prove Your Power

Experts On Demand

Stop Troubleshooting

Inbound Marketing

Right Channel, Right Message

Account-Based Marketing

Accelerate ABM Success

Custom Training

Tailored Learning Solution


Get the skills you need to drive more revenue with On Demand and live, virtual classrooms

Marketo Engage

Marketo Platinum Partner


Accelerate Leads to Revenue

Microsoft Dynamics

Optimize Your Instance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Certified Silver Partner

Salesforce CRM

12 Years of Integration Experience


Additional Technology Platforms

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Platinum Partner

Adobe Experience Manager

Provide world-class experiences



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About TPG

Learn about TPG and meet the team.


Explore our award-winning history.


Learn more about TPG’s Partners.

Ready to transform into a digital revenue machine?


Learn how TPG empowers digital revenue delivery through a blend of strategy, technology and execution.

About TPG

Learn about TPG and meet the team.


Explore our award-winning history.


Learn more about TPG’s Partners.

Ready to transform into a digital revenue machine?


Learn how TPG empowers digital revenue delivery through a blend of strategy, technology and execution.