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Unleash your marketing potential with two powerful managed services offers: marketing automation as a service and email marketing as a service.

Email Marketing Services

Your email marketing program may be underperforming due to a lack of segmentation, personalization, and customization. With your limited team, achieving the desired level of engagement and results may prove difficult.

With email marketing services from The Pedowitz Group, you can expect personalized, engaging campaigns that drive revenue, boost loyalty, and fuel long-term growth.

Our turnkey email marketing management service covers:

  • Campaign production
  • List management
  • QA
  • Deployment
  • Reporting
  • Optimization
  • Campaign Management


Marketing Automation Services

Your marketing automation platform (MAP) is not delivering the advertised results. That may be because many platform administrators don’t have the time or expertise to use all the features, so you’re not getting the full benefit of your investment.

We can expertly manage your marketing automation platform, delivering data-driven insights, streamlined workflows, and the full value of your investment to boost engagement and drive revenue.

We provide end-to-end support of your MAP administration, including:

  • Governance + Documentation
  • Campaign Asset Management
  • Database Management
  • Platform Performance
  • Global Operations Management
  • System Optimization
  • Marketing + Sales Enablement


Platforms Included:

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Our marketing automation consulting covers all things Marketo, an Adobe company
The Pedowitz Group offers marketing automation consulting covers Eloqua, from Oracle
The Pedowitz Group's marketing automation consulting covers all things Pardot, from implentation to integration
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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The Pedowitz Group has played a critical role in our growth journey by starting as an implementation partner for our Marketo instance and evolving into a strategic business partner. Through their expert communication and precise understanding of our industry, The Pedowitz Group has provided consistent support across admin, IT, and practitioner roles globally, allowing us to scale without expanding our team.

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From Our Experts

Answers to the Most Common Marketing Automation Platform Questions
AEM challenge: How can I accelerate my campaign deployment time?

Automating manual processes will streamline campaign coordination and ensure standards are maintained throughout the development cycle.

However, inefficient or flawed automation will hinder its effectiveness.

Any workflows must be clearly defined and tested before deployment to ensure that the technical build supports the business requirements.

Marketo challenge: How can I deliver more personalized content to my leads?

You can use Dynamic Content, Personalization Tokens, and more advanced functionality like Predictive Content and Web Personalization.

Struggling to use any of these?

We’re happy to chat!

AEM challenge: What’s the difference between content fragments and experience fragments?

Content Fragments are “Content-Centric”

  • Headless presentation-agnostic content of structure data elements
  • Defined by a structured form-style data model
  • Can be referenced within an Experience Fragment

Experience Fragments are “Presentation-Centric”

  • One or more components defining content and presentation to form an experience
  • Defined by unstructured compositions of components
  • Built upon channel specifications

Here’s what they have in common:

  • Re-useable content centrally built
  • Manage variations
  • Multi-channel compatible

If you’re having trouble with either, we’re happy to talk more!

Marketo challenge: Multiple business units in my organization use the same Marketo instance. How do we make sure we don’t spam our database?

This answer is two-fold.

First, you can limit how many emails a person is sent in 7 days at the Admin level under ‘Communication Limits.’

We recommend 1 per day / 2 per week.

(Note: this does not include Operational emails) 

You can also limit how many people can flow through a single smart campaign at any given time using Smart Campaign Restrictions.

This is also in the Admin settings.

Using both Communication Limits and Smart Campaign Restrictions is a must for large enterprises!

Adobe Target challenge: How can I use what we’ve learned in an A/B test?

We recommended presenting the preliminary results to stakeholders one-week post-launch and reviewing them at the end of your duration window.

If a clear winner is determined, build the action plan to implement the correct change(s)!

Then, identify a new experiment to make compounded enhancements over time based on actual results.

Marketo challenge: Local variables aren’t working in an email module using dynamic content. Why not?

You cannot use dynamic content in conjunction with an email element using local variables.

When Marketo sends an email, it resolves the dynamic content before the local variables at the time of sending.

You must clear the local variables before making the element dynamic. Then, update the content or images directly in the element.

Adobe Target challenge: When should I use the Visual Experience Composer (VEC)?

The VEC allows users to develop experiences and offers directly within Adobe Target.

Create experiences and offers by dragging + dropping, swapping, and modifying a web page layout. It supports the insertion of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and JSON to live digital experiences.

However, you can make many design choices with clicks, not code.

The VEC should only be used when creating simple styling and layout changes, such as modifying background colors, titles, or the order of components.

We recommend VEC use when the styling or functionality doesn’t already exist within AEM.

Marketo challenge: No emails are sending from an engagement program stream! Why not?!

Don’t forget to add members to the stream or program!

Ensure the Program Status is turned to ON in the Setup tab.

Then, set the cadence and activate the emails. You should be all set now!