Revenue Operations Webinar: Navigating Revenue Growth and Operations In The Age of M&A

Global mergers and acquisitions projections exceeded $6 trillion in 2021 – and 2022 looks to be just as strong. What does this growth mean for the B2B space?

Our panel of experts discussed key questions such as:

  • What role can Revenue Operations – encompassing Sales, Marketing and all Customer Success organizations – play in Revenue Growth when companies merge?
  • What are key areas to focus upon – tech stack? Brand? Processes? Lead quality?
  • How do you ensure optimal syncing up between the various teams between the two companies?
  • How has COVID-19 spurred record-breaking M&A’s?
  • What working relationships do the various components of Revenue Operations (Sales, Marketing and Customer Success) need to have to ensure optimal performance and cross functional collaboration?
  • How do you address org structure/operating gaps?
  • Once you’re merged, how do you re-create/assess/update the Customer journey under the new identity?
  • How do you create a unified standard lead management/quality to ensure pipeline remains strong?

The experts:

Zameer Baber, Managing Principal, Point B

Vishesh Yadav

M&A Practice
Point B

Jeff Pedowitz, CEO and President of The Pedowitz Group

Jeff Pedowitz

President and CEO
The Pedowitz Group

Scott Beneditti, Partner and Chief Executive Officer at The Pedowitz Group

Stephen Kane

Digital Practice
Point B

Scott Beneditti, Partner and Chief Executive Officer at The Pedowitz Group

Scott Benedetti

Partner and EVP
The Pedowitz Group

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