Marketing Talent Acquisition Kit

Level up your team. This kit is packed with org charts, job descriptions, video interviews, and more to help you find and develop the right talent for your organization.

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Grab this talent bundle now!

Sure, you know the impacts of the “Great Resignation” – but really, it’s all about employees having more control over their career (and development) than ever before.

How do you ensure you can attract the top talent you need … and continue investing in them properly?

This bundle jumpstarts your progress!

It includes:

  • Org chart lookbook: Filled with real-world examples of org charts you can steal from to build out the right teams – and allow for upward mobility
  • Job descriptions PDF: To streamline the process of pulling together new roles you need
  • Interviews: Hear from key practitioners on critical issues such as inclusion and diversity, the role of experience vs. talent, and more
  • How To Build A Center Of Excellence: Learn key roles to build a world-class team in this white paper
  • And more: This bundle also includes links to other key reads and graphics on driving change in your business

Download the bundle and get started building (or transforming) your team into one with greater impact today!

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Grab this talent bundle now!
YouTube video