Marketing Operations Kit

Put your best foot forward. Bolster your marketing operations and drive greater results with this strategic kit.

Preview of marketing operations bundle items

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People. Process. Tech.

How do you ensure you’re getting the most out of all three? Through strategic marketing operations.

Start with this bundle, containing:

  • Rise Of The Strategic Marketing Operations: Key roles and structure with this white paper.
  • 5 Core Processes eBook: A deep look at five pillars of winning processes – and how to use them in your own organization.
  • From Backroom To Boardroom: Get Dr. Debbie Qaqish’s bestselling book on strategic marketing operations!
  • Maturity model: Useful on its own, as part of building your business case, or tracking organizational progress as you invest in key components.
  • F The Funnel: CEO Jeff Pedowitz’s bestselling book that dives into a more comprehensive (and modern) customer journey – and what it means practically for companies
  • The RevOps Report: Research showing alignment challenges and trends for companies just like yours
  • The RevOps Charter: A starter document to help companies evolve marketing operations to be more cross-functional in nature.
  • Drive more value with marketing ops: A PDF version of our popular blog from Dr. Debbie Qaqish that digs into the true value marketing operations can provide.

Grab this bundle and get moving forward today … or, learn how to drive even greater results with our marketing operations consulting!

Preview of marketing operations bundle items