Create a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence:
How to Build the Ideal Modern Marketing Structure

Conventional wisdom tells you that your organization’s subpar recruiting, developing and retaining marketing talent has led to sky-high attrition rates and an unprecedented drought of new personnel to fill the gaps – AKA The Great Resignation.

What conventional wisdom DOESN’T tell you is that you have no chance to thrive unless you create a better marketing structure purpose-built to align demand generation, marketing operations and digital/content.

That’s why we created a value-packed deep dive on how to transform your current marketing organization into a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence (RMCoE) laser-focused upon creating and retaining customers and whose primary metrics are contribution to pipeline and revenue.

Our experts discussed key questions such as:

  • What is a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence?
  • What outcomes can it produce for you?
  • How can it help me solve some of my pressing talent retention and development challenges?
  • What are the divisions that comprise this CoE?
  • How do these divisions function and interact?
  • How can I transform my current organization to a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence?

The experts:

Jeff Pedowitz, CEO and President of The Pedowitz Group

Dr. Debbie Qaqish

Chief Strategy Officer
Forbes bestselling author

Scott Beneditti, Partner and Chief Executive Officer at The Pedowitz Group

Kevin Joyce

Vice President, Engagement Management
Has held CEO and CMO roles

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