Revenue Marketing Book Bundle

Two bestsellers packed with revenue marketing insights.

Build your revenue engine.

Transform your marketing team from a cost center to a revenue-generating machine with the help of our two bestselling revenue marketing books.

F the Funnel

Jeff Pedowitz explores why your revenue model needs a serious upgrade (and proposes a modern model) for today’s landscape in F The Funnel.

From Backroom to Boardroom

Dr. Debbie Qaqish tells you how to get more respect at the revenue table and do strategic marketing operations right in From Backroom to Boardroom.

F the Funnel: Out with the old.

Funnel methodologies send continuous customer engagement and repeatable revenue down the drain.

This book is all about a different way of approaching these critical milestones that marketing departments need to transform from cost centers to revenue centers with a permanent seat at the table. Enter: The Loop™.

This concept accounts for the experiences and desires of both customers and the companies engaging them. With it, you’ll be empowered to create longer, more rewarding relationships with your customer base.

Embrace The Loop™. A competitive landscape requires smarter, sustainable revenue-generating models for marketing teams. The Loop™ breaks your team out of the one-and-done tedium of “the funnel” forever.

Jeff Pedowitz takes marketing leaders through new ways of thinking through revenue growth in F The Funnel!
Dr. Debbie Qaqish's From Backroom To Boardroom dives into marketing operations and how marketing leaders can drive respect and revenue in their organization!

From Backroom to Boardroom: Earn your seat.

What’s holding you back from earning your seat in the boardroom and making the impact you know is possible?

This is not a book about technology, data models, or the latest in a series of bright and shiny toys so loved by marketers. It’s a soup-to-nuts guide to embrace the new breed of marketing leadership so you can build a strategic marketing operations organization that earns your seat at the table.

CMOs and marketing teams are under immense pressure to make predictable bottom-line contributions. But they’ll never meet leadership’s unprecedented expectations without a strategic marketing operations organization.

Deliver more value. Marketing ops teams are often perceived as button pushers and tech geeks, not the bottom-line-driving leaders they can be. Change the perception. Earn the respect you deserve!

    Meet the authors.

    jeff pedowitz portrait 1

    Jeff Pedowitz

    Forbes Best-Selling Author | President & CEO | AI Visionary Pioneer

    dr debbie qaqish portrait 1

    Dr. Debbie Qaqish

    Principal & Chief Strategy Officer | Queen of Revenue Marketing

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