Pardot Consulting, Implementation & Training

How can you grow Pardot’s revenue impact? We’re a Salesforce Silver Partner with seasoned marketing automation experts ready to help you get the most out of your investment.

Our Salesforce Pardot experts can implement, migrate, optimize, and create a powerhouse for your team to leverage.

system assessment

Ensure buy-in from all levels of the organization. How? With an actionable 90-day roadmap to show greater revenue impact.


Optimize your instance-based business processes, system integrations, and ability to scale.


Develop your team with on-demand, virtual, and customized training to enable them to get the most out of Pardot and their resources.


Modernize technology and processes while minimizing rework and downtime.


Our team becomes an extension of your team to optimize and manage campaigns for long-term growth.

systems assessment

Ensure buy-in from all levels of the organization. How? With an actionable 90-day roadmap to show greater revenue impact.


Optimize your instance- based business processes, system integrations, and ability to scale.


Develop your team with on-demand, virtual, and customized training to enable them to get the most out of Pardot and their resources.


Modernize technology and processes while minimizing rework and downtime.

campaign management

Optimize multi-touch campaigns, setup needed programs, and understand how to use all of the tools available for long-term growth.

Salesforce Certified Partner (Silver)

The Pedowitz Group is a Salesforce Certified Silver Partner and our consultants hold 40+ certifications in Salesforce CRM, Pardot, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Leverage our product knowledge, consulting expertise, and expert training to accelerate, track, and prove revenue impact from your Pardot marketing efforts!

The Pedowitz Group is a registered Salesforce and Pardot consulting partner
optimize your instance

system assessment

How can you optimize your Pardot infrastructure to show greater revenue impact in three months? It starts with a full system assessment followed by an actionable roadmap that all levels of your organization can get behind.

Our proven process includes:

✓ Reviewing Emails, Landing Pages, Forms, Campaigns and Engagement Studio
✓ Analyzing current CRM connector setup and error logs
✓ Generating a data-based scorecard to compare your system and Revenue Marketing capabilities to industry leaders.
✓ Developing an actionable 90-day roadmap and timeline that aligns to your organization’s key goals

maximize your investment

pardot enablement

Are you transitioning from another tool? Diving into Pardot for the first time? Or, have you been building out your instance for years, but need to make sure your processes and integrations are fully optimized?

 We’ll help with:

  • Technical elements
  • Best practices and ways to enforce
  • Measuring revenue impact

With dozens of Pardot enablements under our belt, we help clients maximize Pardot’s many capabilities and scale their marketing impact.

Are you ready to find out what’s missing in your Pardot instance and maximize your investment?

TPG’s Pardot Enablement services include:
✓ Standard Configuration
✓ CRM Connector Integration
✓ Email Deliverability Configuration
✓ Lead Score Modeling with Baseline Scoring Rules
✓ Reporting and Analytics
✓ IP Warming
✓ Email Preference Center Stand Up

Our Pardot consulting extends to on-demand and virtual training for you or your team
develop your team

pardot training

Could your team get more out of their efforts – or available tools in your instance? Our on-demand and virtual training options are available, and our experience as a Pardot patner allows us to tailor this specifically to your programs, team, and needs.

Available training includes:

✓ BEGINNER: Pardot overview, data management best practices overview, deliverability overview, email and landing page creations, variables and dynamic content, simple and multi-step Engagement Studio programs, A/B testing, reporting and analytics.

✓ ADVANCED: CRM integration and connectors, baseline scoring rules, progressive profiling, advanced segmentation and automation tools, system administration.

✓ ONGOING: Continue your team’s education! We can work with your team to ensure they apply everything they’ve learned in the trainings.

migration made easy


Migrating systems is a challenge that drains a lot of time, energy, and resources … and, if done poorly, it can ruin internal credibility and cause non-stop headaches.

Our team has worked with all major systems and understands how everything, from processes to objects (and more) best work together.

We can help you can get your migration right the first time. Migration services include:

✓ 1 non-Pardot into existing Pardot
Many non-Pardot into existing Pardot
1 non-Pardot into new instance of Pardot
Many non-Pardot into new instance of Pardot

TPG's Pardot consulting covers Pardot campaign management and execution, whether it's a helping hand to your team or fully executing
Exceed Revenue Targets

Pardot Campaign Consulting

Your campaigns are the lifeblood of building a sustainable, winning marketing machine. A lack of time, resources, or training doesn’t have to block your progress toward hitting and exceeding revenue targets.

With our Pardot campaign management, our team becomes an extension of your team! With close teamwork, daily/weekly monitoring, and expertise in:

✓ Campaign Nurture Execution
Personalization configuration for Marketing Communications
Pardot Platform Management
Advanced Reporting


Most of our clients consider TPG to be more than a business partner - we operate as an extension of their marketing team. Our team consists of certified experts in over 600 technologies.

So throw your biggest marketing challenges at us - we have an answer!


Your “First Aid” Team For MarTech Headaches

TPG is ready to help - one on one. Discover what you're missing in your current tech, solve burning issues quickly, or just have an expert on standby to help when you need it.


The help you need to deliver roi

Leverage our pool of certified experts, fill team and system needs, and smash revenue goals while building credibility with superiors. We'll even help you build the business case.

Grow Pardot’s Revenue Impact.

Schedule A 30-minute call with one of our experts to learn how.

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