Xylem Rolls Out Marketing Automation Platform

How a global water solutions company nailed marketing automation and generated $1M new pipeline in 2 weeks with Marketo consulting.

Client background:

Xylem is a large U.S.-based water technology provider that launched as a spin-off from ITT Corporation in 2011. The company enables customers in more than 150 countries to transport, test, treat, and efficiently use water in public utility, residential, commercial and agricultural settings.  

They needed to prove the effectiveness of digital marketing and technology before scaling to an enterprise level. The six-month goal of their Marketo pilot program was to achieve 100 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).  

Xylem, a manufacturing company, turned to us to drive key business growth

Enter: The Pedowitz Group

We helped Xylem’s marketers develop and launch a pilot campaign in just 30 days, leveraging the Marketo platform along with a targeted strategy and supporting execution.

The solution of global roll-out and adoption of the Marketo marketing automation platform was successful. Within two weeks of the pilot campaign’s start, Xylem had 26 MQLs in hand, all interested in a demo of a $45,000 pump from their dewatering division.

They recouped the costs of the pilot program quickly!

1. Assess & Map

Seeing an opportunity for our client to stand out within the manufacturing industry, we created an online assessment so Xylem could quickly understand where their company’s maturity ranks in 30 distinct capabilities.

This helped Xylem prioritize their strategic investments and create an actionable roadmap for people, processes, and technology while realizing measurable monthly results.

2. Implementation

We identified gaps in current marketing strategy and improved go-to-market tactics:

  • Campaign Strategy – We mapped Xylem’s inbound / outbound cadences for harmonious experiences to prospects
  • Multi-channel Delivery – We audited data from current channel usage and identified a mix of channels to support this campaign

After agreeing to a plan, we got to work building Marketo templates + Marketo and inbound campaigns across multiple channels to launch to a designated landing page based upon proven best practices.

3. Campaign Planning

After implementing Marketo, Xylem called on TPG again to help develop the strategy and then execute a more comprehensive, integrated inbound/outbound campaign.

While Xylem knew what needed to be done and how it should be done, they didn’t have the bandwidth or staff to execute the strategic elements of the campaign or to implement it via Marketo. 

3. Coordination

This project included collaborating with Xylem’s Sales & Marketing teams to define a more complete customer persona, defining and prioritizing a specific market segment and appropriate offers for that combination and construction of both inbound and outbound campaign elements.

TPG partnered with Xylem to fine-tune the campaign, helping them to expedite the campaign to meet their immediate goals by using existing data established internal SLAs. TPG helped Xylem to maintain focus and avoid scope creep and stick to marketing best practices.

Business impact:

Not only did Xylem greatly exceed expectations from its pilot, they also worked with our teams to scale Marketo Engage globally and then leveraged our inbound marketing services to create a winning inbound / outbound combination for growth.

  • Marketing built and proved a winning business case to rollout Marketo on a global scale
  • Leadership fully bought-in and supported implementation
  • They added inbound along with targeted outbound to build greater (sustainable!) revenue growth


New pipeline in 2 weeks


MQLs generated in the first post-pilot effort


It is one thing knowing you want to invest in a specific technology to achieve a certain target, but it is a whole different ballgame actually implementing and rolling that out within a $4 billion organization.

Then-Director of Digital Marketing, Xylem

Xylem, a manufacturing company, turned to us to drive key business growth

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