Telstra Streamlines Marketing Tech Stack

How Telstra uncovered tech waste, bolstered CX, and saved $5M in annual licensing fees with martech services.

Client background:

Australia’s largest telecommunications provider was struggling to meet evolving customer demands, hampered by navigating a complex and clunky tech stack. In addition, Telstra’s teams were challenged by the hard-to-prove ROI of its expansive stack, and employee effectiveness was hampered.
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Enter: The Pedowitz Group

We performed a Revenue Marketing Architecture Assessment, thoroughly investigating all uses of every piece of technology within the company. Then, we worked with leaders on instigating change management and best-in-class processes that could streamline workflows and increase employee confidence in their available data.

1. Transform

Our initial engagements introduced key revenue marketing concepts into the enterprise, and to Telstra’s credit … they stuck with it! We continued building a roadmap and coaching cross-functional leaders and employees and how to align around revenue and built scalable, repeatable processes to support.

2. Optimize

We dug into their tech stack, identifying and optimizing integrations, data routing, and building dashboards and reporting to align around key business objectives that all teams could use.

We also identified systems that we no longer needed, saving the client millions in licensing fees.

3. Support

We continued working with marketing to enhance go-to-market capabilities and how they used their technology to build stronger customer experiences (both pre and post-purchase) and ensure marketing was set up for years to come.

Business impact:

The initial result was major savings on tech expenditures, allowing for greater investment into other key parts of the business and more customer-facing initiatives for marketing.

This also allowed marketing to operate far more efficiently, have an aligned vision with executive leadership (and sales!), and build marketing’s reputation within Telstra as a key contributor to the revenue number.


Annual licensing fees saved


Reduction in tech stack

We’ve had a hugely powerful, very successful partnership with TPG. Most of the work has been done remotely, but it feels like they’re in the room with us.

Director Enterprise Marketing, Telstra

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