JobsOhio Powers Major Economic Growth with Martech

How JobsOhio generated more than $1 billion in marketing-attributed revenue from martech services.

Client background:

JobsOhio, an economic development organization in Ohio, impacts upwards of $1 billion in jobs through industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and healthcare.

They wanted to accelerate their marketing evolution, but realized their tech stack possibly wasn’t optimal to support the needed changes.

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Enter: The Pedowitz Group

With our platform-agnostic approach, we identified the best ways for JobsOhio to earn short-term wins We also enabled a fully-integrated stack that is scalable and predictable for long-term revenue growth and streamlined its use.

With a detailed roadmap, optimized integrations, and clear buy-in throughout the organization, we drove results they continue to build on … with major increases in marketing-influenced pipeline.

The result? Over $1 billion in marketing-attributed revenue generated (and counting).

1. Define

We first audited existing tech, processes, and people to determine how the client used tech to achieve their business objectives.

  • Lead Management – We mapped the ideal process along with key stakeholders
  • Salesforce + Pardot Updates – Each was upgraded based on the lead management design, updated campaign intake processes, and overall objectives
  • Advisement – As JobsOhio examined a new talent selection software, we advised on best options and pros / cons of each.

2. Build

To accelerate growth, our teams also worked on reducing time-to-market for campaigns.

We audited and improved existing email and landing page templates, added new templates where needed, and documented form compliance.

In addition, we built an initial dashboard in Tableau to provide initial insights on the results achieved.

Afterwards, we optimized inbound and web initiatives, resulting in organic increases with stronger engagement metrics (and conversion rates).

3. Communicate

Lead management workshops were conducted to fully-align all members impacted by the changes to both tech and processes.

We then created a measurable plan revolving around account-based marketing with hyper-focus on better knowing their ideal customer.

3. Continue

New data sources were introduced into the Salesforce-Pardot-Tableau mix, allowing for additional reporting and new visual capabilities for the data.

JobsOhio also rolled out a new onboarding process for new customers to provide a stronger experience that leads to higher retention.

After this foundation was in place, we continued building automated processes, enhancing current capabilities, and enabled stronger reporting on an ongoing basis.

Business impact:

Thanks to the trust our teams had, it allowed for project agility and proactivity as work continued, which created a sustainable, scalable foundation driving immediate impact.

  • Marketing’s influence on the bottom line increased through more targeted campaigns, better customer experience before and after conversion, and stronger data flow
  • IT reports fewer issues and easier maintenance
  • Strategic decisions are far more data-focused because teams have confidence in the data provided by key systems


Marketing-attributed revenue


Optimized tech stack


Increase in web form submissions

We’re reaching the right audience and they’re engaging with us. This a great partnership and TPG is truly a part of our team.

Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, JobsOhio

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