Gilbarco Veeder-Root Enhances Marketing Operations with Marketo

How a global fueling leader transitioned to win with Marketo consulting, resulting in 8.9M qualified opportunities driven from the new program.

Client background:

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is the worldwide technology leader for retail and commercial fueling operations, offering the broadest range of integrated solutions from the forecourt to the convenience store and head office.  

They needed to enhance their marketing operations and prospect nurturing with both a modern marketing automation platform and best practices to fully optimize customer engagement in a repeatable and measurable way. 

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Enter: The Pedowitz Group

Gilbarco engaged us for rapid enablement, featuring a proof-of-concept campaign that would display the results they could get when they reached the right audience at the right time with the right message. They also needed a migration plan to move them from their previous platform to their new one, Marketo.

This new program organically grew their database, via a multi-channel campaign targeted to individual small business B2B leads that often exhibit B2C-like behavior. For the first time, they could track end-to-end click to revenue behavior.

1. Migrate & Implement

TPG conducted a discovery workshop, wherein we collectively uncovered the requirements needed to provide Gibarco with the building blocks and best practices to demonstrate the value of the new Marketo instance. 

We also assisted with their migration into Marketo, mapping needed fields and rapidly enabling the Gilbarco Veeder-Root team to take advantage of new features that worked best with their current workflows. We also ensured a smooth integration into their CRM.

We also built a lead management strategy for scalable lead scoring and routing that both Sales and Marketing agreed to and had input on.

Their global rollout began with North America to provide a template for other regions.

2. Targeting

They strategically targeted leads that had expressed interest in their financing offers in the past and were primed for Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s extraordinary financing offers via a PPC campaign.

By employing a targeted list to mid-funnel contacts, they were able to ensure that their message would get noticed, and was a hand-in-hand effort between our collective teams.

3. Implement & Test

To make sure all Marketo features were being leveraged, TPG used a Marketo send program with an auto-responder and did A/B testing on the subject line so that they could use this data for similar future initiatives. Gilbarco tested two subject lines and discovered that the one that did not include the financing offer was, surprisingly, the winner.

This version was sent to the remaining audience after the 2day A/B test was complete using Marketo’s automated features.

3. Profiling & Coordination

Because the B2B prospects had activity patterns similar to many B2C models,  we decided to send email at 8 pm ET – when east coast prospects were probably checking their email and winding down, but also when west coast prospects would see the same as they moved into their evenings.

The vision was that small business owners would check in at their gas stations and then check their email on their phone, portable device, or computer at home in the evening or at one of their business locations. 

Because Gilbarco Veeder-Root utilizes a call center for MQLs, the call center partner was trained in the new Marketo processes to ensure that they updated leads from MQL to SRL when they had a pending opportunity. These were then synced to the CRM for the sales representatives to pursue.

Incorporating the new platform into the existing sales process was a key to long-term success.

Business impact:

Within only a few days of launching, there were already over $3.8 million of MQLs … and ultimately, the program drove over $8.7 million in qualified opportunities.

Expectations were exceeded on all of the metrics for opens, clicks, opportunities created and revenue. This has enabled the marketing team to demonstrate their contribution to revenue and advance their journey towards becoming full-fledged Revenue Marketers!  

With everything Gilbarco has learned, they have been able to apply it to additional campaigns. In the ensuing quarter, they were able to achieve more marketing-sourced revenue than in all of the previous year – and can even trace it back to the specific marketing asset that started it.  

For their efforts, their team won a Revvie award from Adobe.

They also had:

  • Scalable processes for current and future campaign development
  • Strong cross-channel tech and process adoption
  • Higher-than-average email marketing metrics such as click and open rates


Qualified opportunities driven by the program


New pipeline within first week


Open rates (and greater) for many emails, with 12-15% click rates

 The skill and flexibility of The Pedowitz Group positioned us to be able to implement Marketo with an extremely lean team and vastly exceed our expectations of what we could achieve with Marketing Automation in the time we have achieved it.

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

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