GE Drives Revenue Marketing Transformation

How a global leader drove transformation at scale through revenue marketing consulting, leading to $1B in new pipeline generated.

Client background:

GE is, simply put, one of the largest companies in the world – and with many subsidiaries in its expansive enterprise.

When it was time to drive a global transformation across businesses to implement updated lead processes and leverage marketing automation at scale, they wanted help.

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Enter: The Pedowitz Group

With our experience working with global enterprises, GE Corporate turned to us to get it right the first time.

Initially, we worked with over 20 different business units at GE globally to improve customer experience via a form submission. Then we dove into key business units such as GE Lighting, GE Healthcare, and GE Digital to optimize marketing strategy, technology and processes for optimal revenue impact.

1. Forms Projects

Our initial engagement began with the goal of fully-optimizing forms across GE’s global sites to ensure a more streamlined customer experience.

This project showed us clearly how GE’s lead management processes worked, but also where they fell short and left revenue on the table.

2. Pilot

Working with key stakeholders, we identified the organizations within GE’s enterprise to pilot a new and improved lead management process.

We sat down sales and marketing together to hash out key items such as lead definitions, how to score certain behaviors, routing / processing, and establishing service-level agreements for all parties. Then, we implemented these updates leveraging the CRM-MAP integration.

Rollout began in the United States, but then expanded globally (starting with GE Healthcare) upon success.

3. Campaign Planning

Once we scaled lead management, it was time to show what it could do. Working with GE Digital, we built 50+ campaigns to drive greater lead volume, focusing on leveraging outbound to complement their inbound strategies.

4. Measure

After implementation, we drove home how to showcase key metrics and what to look for with pipeline, velocity, and revenue.

Business impact:

We navigated GE’s global infrastructure to connect the right people together and drive strong adoption from the top-down, ensuring buy-in and alignment as new tech and processes were rolled.

This led to:

  • $1 Billion in new pipeline
  • Lead management processes that brought marketing and sales closer together and working cohesively
  • Scalable, repeatable processes teams could manage
  • Strong user adoption and underlying enforcement of processes
  • Globally-optimized forms and closed-loop reporting
  • An Adobe Revvie Award


Pipeline generated


Business units involved


Source of truth for everything from campaigns to customers


In only 4 months, GE businesses are not only more efficiently capturing and qualifying leads, but are now able to more easily monitor funnel KPIs. Throughout the units participating, sales and marketing are aligning to work more cooperatively together, understanding how leads pass through the funnel, and drive business opportunities. In addition, those units already are starting to speak the language of Revenue Marketing, aiming for closed-loop reporting and full integration with their CRM systems.

Global Head, Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence
From Revvie Award Submission

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Revenue Marketing

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Lead Management

Make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient, maintain a healthy relationship with potential clients, and drive business growth with our lead management services.

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