Credit Card Company Closes the Loop on Revenue

How a Fortune 100 credit card company increased marketing-sourced won opportunities by $160M with lead management services.

Client background:

A Fortune 100 credit card company had a stated goal of moving into best-in-class lead management and closed loop reporting. The biggest obstacle? A lack of end-to-end tracking across digital lead sources and automation of lead creation.

Their enterprise organizational structure, lack of integrations, and piecemeal lead management did not allow for the quick creation of leads … resulting in reduced revenue, manual data errors, and lost leads with a poor customer experience.

A credit card, representing a Fortune 100 client of The Pedowitz Group's

Enter: The Pedowitz Group

We built a closed-loop reporting system that both routed on a region-by-region basis and integrated with different technology across regions + integrated key corporate systems to reduce closed-lost scenarios and ensure cross-team alignment.

In short, we:

  • Created a central repository of key metrics for stakeholders
  • Implemented best-in-class lead management practices throughout the organization
  • Integrated Eloqua and Salesforce for different rules by region
  • Built upon The Loop methodology to better enable customer expansion and retention

1. Assess & Map

We first audited existing systems and processes across regions, and then began with:

  • Process Design – We mapped dozens of lead routing needs to identify differences
  • Tech Audit – Knowing that both Eloqua and Salesforce were the main systems, we audited the current setup and highlighted ways to get more out of the sync + dove into current campaigns
  • Alignment – Gathering input from Sales, Marketing, and other key stakeholders was vital in attaining cross-functional buy-in to any solution we would produce. It also brought to light why some opportunities became closed-lost instead of closed-won, giving marketing valuable information

2. Design & Build

After presenting recommendations, we executed on the strategy:

  • Organizational Design – Our client needed some changes with internal responsibilities to better align with overall goals.
  • Integration – We built an improved Saleforce-Eloqua integration that fully encompassed the needs of multiple regional teams, including key lead routing requests.
  • Campaigns – We centralized go-to-market processes to revolve around agreed-upon core metrics

3. Pilot

Both lead management processes and the Eloqua-Salesforce integration were put through multiple rounds of testing, with feedback given from many corners of the organization.

3. Deploy

Once approved, we launched and quickly saw improvements through key Salesforce dashboards.

Business impact:

Not only did our client quickly see revenue, but they’ve continued building upon the processes and keep leveraging it many years later.

  • Marketing-sourced campaigns showed $160M+ in closed-won opportunities within the first year
  • Sales reported a drop in closed-lost opportunities due to stronger lead routing + alignment with Marketing
  • Stakeholders knew what was working and what wasn’t with central reporting that all parties agreed upon
  • They automated closed-loop, decision-enabling reporting and gained control of their revenue impact.

In the years since, we’ve continued working with this client in many other areas of the business and they continue to climb in the Fortune 100.


Years of using this system



In marketing-sourced closed-won opportunities



Reduction in closed-lost opportunities

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