CMO Insights – Marvin Mason, CMO of Crisis Prevention Institute

CMO Insights – Marvin Mason, CMO of Crisis Prevention Institute

Marvin Mason, CMO at the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) built a marketing team largely around the process of content marketing. In his own words: “The idea here is publish relevant, helpful, interesting content that cause people to seek us out as solutions providers, and if we can get involved in the conversations they are having, and provide them helpful resources, we are a natural go to place.”

Marvin’s team does a lot of work around personas and buying journeys as well as use PPC to test what new content is helpful. He also encouraged his team to get content marketing certifications. The end results is that CPI has seen a 180% increase in leads, with up to 8% of those coming from Facebook alone.

CPI is an education training organization that focuses on training for those who have a duty to care for others. When behavior can become a challenge, they teach techniques to help read and understand the behavior to help de-escalate it and hopefully prevent situations from becoming risky or dangerous for the care provider or the person being cared for.

Watch to learn how Marvin’s team at CPI used Content Marketing to grow lead volume by 180%.



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