CMO Insights – Allen Gannett, Founder and CEO of TrackMaven, the Integrated Marketing Analytics Platform

CMO Insights – Allen Gannett, Founder and CEO of TrackMaven, the Integrated Marketing Analytics Platform

Allen Gannett, Founder and CEO of TrackMaven – an integrated marketing analytics platform, was recently interviewed by Jeff Pedowitz. He had some interesting things to say about aggressive lead scoring, organizing sales and marketing, and process. He also shared how their whole idea of bringing together all types of disparate analytic needs that customers have, social analytics, content marketing analytics, news monitoring, web analytics, and giving it to them in one place has differentiated them from their competitors. But, given that his company’s product is marketing analytics, it was fascinating to me listen to him talk about the importance of establishing relevance with content in the different parts of the funnel. He shared that the top of the funnel (ToFu) content is more broad-based and designed to create unique visitors, generate page rank etc. The content for the mid-funnel is more conversion oriented and as such it has to increase in relevance to the customer. So in the mid-funnel he advocates more industry aligned white papers, industry aligned webinars, and items aligned to the individual customer experience.

Allen shared that “the big lever that we use in our sales and marketing is relevance. And whenever we are marketing to someone, the more relevant we can get throughout that process, the better the experience is going to be for them, and the more value we are going to deliver. So we basically apply that to our funnel.” So while the content at the top of the funnel may be broad, in the mid-funnel and bottom of the funnel Allen’s team start focusing on how that channel and content might apply to a specific industry. “And so now, someone coming to that [channel], is further along, we are creating more relevant content and having a deeper experience. So we use relevance as a primary lever to bring people through the funnel.”

Watch to experience Allen’s perspective on how marketing has shifted from an artistic approach to a scientific approach and what that means for marketers and how he is addressing TrackMaven’s biggest challenge, hiring and retaining great people.




About Allen Gannett

Allen has had robust career serving as CEO & Co-founder of Splash Networks, CMO of Employee Insight and General Partner of Excelaprise. In his current role Allen advocates for all customers and ensures the company builds products that people love and that makes their day easier. In addition, he focuses on company culture and working to build a company of people who love their work and who are passionate about marketing.


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