Marketing Automation Platform-MAP

Marketing automation done properly helps streamline lead management, provides more complete information to existing records, and enables more personal communication. Maximize your process / instance with help from these resources!

9 Myths About Marketing Automation

Marketing automation won’t automatically fix all your marketing problems. Caitlin Culbert dispels this and eight other myths about marketing automation that hold your company back from using this powerful tool to its full potential.

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Balance marketing automation resource constraints

Oftentimes, marketing teams won’t have seven individuals in the entire department, let alone dedicated solely to Marketing Operations. Just like you wouldn’t rely on a single person to produce ALL of the content, web and digital media for your company, you shouldn’t rely on a single Marketing Automation resource either.

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6 Tips for using your preference center

So you have an unsubscribe link, think that’s enough? Think again. Many people think that an unsubscribe link and a website/landing page that confirms you have unsubscribed is enough, but from the standpoint of user experience and the desire to better engage with your audience, it is barely scratching the surface.

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