3 Marketo reports every user should utilize

January 17, 2022  |  
By Kristina Neahr
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January 17, 2022
By Kristina Neahr

Proper reporting is the key to initiating, driving, and supporting business-driven decisions.

People Performance Report

Use this report anytime you want to group and view people by any number of characteristics. By default, this report is grouped by Created At month, but don’t let that fool you! With a few simple changes, this report is KEY to understanding what is happening to the People in your database. 

Within the Setup tab, you can easily:

  • Manipulate the time frame from which to pull data.
  • Group People by Person/Company/Opportunity Attributes or by Segmentations.
  • Add Opportunity Columns to further understand each person’s contribution. Once added, you can easily move these columns around within your report or remove them completely.
  • Use Custom Columns to further filter the metrics in your report. These use Smart Lists already created in your Database to populate unique columns in your report. Great tool if you’re looking to break down your People Performance Report annually, quarterly, etc. to see trends over time.

The Smart List tab lets you filter by additional attributes (ie Customers, Prospects, Exclusion Lists, etc.).

After you’ve made sure you have all the bells and whistles, check out the Report tab to view the results. See something interesting? Click on any row to Drill-Down to any attribute. Pro tip: If you don’t see the Drill Down report open in a new tab, you may have pop-ups disabled.

Like what you see? Set up a New Report Subscription so you can receive a copy of the report emailed to you and/or your colleagues on a regular basis.

Company Web Activity Report

For companies working to implement an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, knowing which companies in their region are visiting your company’s website is invaluable. The Company Web Activity Report can tell them just that!

Set up several reports that send out daily or weekly to regional owners, giving them full visibility into their area’s activity. This report shows you which companies are visiting your website, either by known or anonymous visitors.

  • Setup your Activity Source to generate a report on Known People, Anonymous Visitors (including ISPs), or Anonymous Visitors (not including ISPs).
  • Set the timeframe of your report (Last 7 days if you’re sending weekly or last 24 hours if sending daily).
  • If you have Segmentations created for specific sales regions, you can easily filter by Segmentations in the Smart List tab. 

Once your report generates, setup a New Report Subscription to send to each regional stakeholder at a regular cadence.

Program Performance Report

Assuming your channels, progression statuses (including successes), and cost tags are properly configured across your instance, the Program Performance Report is a great tool to add to your regular reporting toolkit. See how your programs are performing, which programs are bringing in new names, and how many people achieved a certain status in each program all in one view.

Columns include Program Name, Channel, Total Members, New Names, Successes, Total Cost, Cost per Member, Cost per New Name, and Cost per Success.

Customize your report further in the Setup tab by adding Tags and Period Cost filters.

In the Report tab, you can view your report and sort by any column to see exactly how your programs are performing compared to each other. For example, maybe you want to see which programs are bringing in the most New Names. You can easily see this by clicking on the New Names column and selecting “Sort Descending”.

For even more powerful capabilities, export your report to excel and take it from there!

Additional Reporting Features

  • Custom Columns: Add additional columns to your report
  • Drill-Down: Get more details on a specific row
  • Smart Lists in Reports: Include/exclude leads
  • Report Subscriptions: Stay on top of your database health and share with stakeholders

Need help getting the right reports in place, or doing more with Marketo? Check out our consulting services or Marketo courses!

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