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Marketo Summit 2016 – A Recap

With over 6000 of the best marketers and industry thought leaders at 2016 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, there was a lot for “Tomorrow’s Marketer” to learn.

Get rid of your Eloqua campaign pre-launch Jitters

Clicking the “Activate” button on your Eloqua campaign can be one of the most nerve-racking actions you take within the marketing automation platform. There are probably disastrous scenarios running through your head as you remind yourself that you have indeed completed all the tasks necessary to launch and run a successful campaign. You're a pro, and you've done this before, but the pre-launch jitters still get to you.

The most complete profile of a Marketo Power User. Ever

Marketo marketing automation skills are in demand! If you run a quick LinkedIn Job search for Marketo, you'll find a list of more than 1,300 job openings. That's a huge number. But Marketo expertise can be a sliding scale and there are a few factors that determine whether an applicant has the right profile for true Marketo power.

Balance marketing automation resource constraints

Oftentimes, marketing teams won't have seven individuals in the entire department, let alone dedicated solely to Marketing Operations. Just like you wouldn’t rely on a single person to produce ALL of the content, web and digital media for your company, you shouldn't rely on a single Marketing Automation resource either.

What your boss needs to know about Marketo

Marketo is an extremely powerful tool but a Marketing Center of Excellence is going to be key to making Marketo work for the long haul. Although a Marketo Admin to run the tool is necessary, you need to have strategy, campaign planning, a strong technical skill set and someone who is responsible for your data and analytics.