What your boss needs to know about Marketo

What your boss needs to know about Marketo

Rome wasn’t built in a day, your Marketo instance wasn’t either.

Marketo is an extremely powerful tool, but a Marketing Center of Excellence is going to be key to making Marketo work for the long haul. Although a Marketo Admin to run the tool is necessary, you need to have strategy, campaign planning, a strong technical skill set and someone who is responsible for your data and analytics. Your boss may often get frustrated because he or she has no idea what Marketo is about. She may see it as “the black box” or “the email blast tool,” and that can be frustrating to both of you.

Next time your boss questions the tool, tell them this:

1. Marketo CAN show program ROI immediately

Adding cost tags to the program and setting up success steps will help you quickly know what programs are working and what ones are not. This helps determine cost per lead, cost per new lead and cost per success.


2. Marketo CAN provide real-time insights to sales

Marketo Sales Insight is a plugin sales application that helps sales teams understand, prioritize and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to enable smart selling and close business faster. Sales can see pages visited and emails that have been engaged with, without ever leaving their sales tool.


3. Marketo CAN nurture quickly and easily

Engagement Programs are designed to market to new people by presenting content to them in a systematic way.  An Engagement Program can accomplish complex nurturing with ease, by making content available based on priority and if the lead has already received it.


4. Marketo does NOT fix data problems

Data Integrity and your data model and how it affects closed loop reporting will either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your marketing is only as good as the data you put into it. Segmentation and personalized messaging take the biggest hit without good data; and Marketo can’t differentiate good data from bad data, only you can.


5. Marketo makes marketing efforts scalable

A small team can have a big impact by using the tools in the system. But you need to do some work first. You need to build out the automation that can be reused easily. Once you have a strategy, you can build out your scoring, life-cycle management and program templates that can be scaled across all marketing efforts.

The next time your boss speaks incorrectly about Marketo, politely remind them that it is a tool that requires knowledge and skill. It can’t magically produce deliverables, but with the right person doing the right setup, it can be incredibly powerful.

Practical Guide to Getting Started With Marketo

Practical Guide to Getting Started With Marketo

Capitalize on your Marketo investment with this guide. Building a fully optimized, revenue producing marketing automation engine takes a concrete plan that incorporates known best practices and requires patience and diligence. Without these key elements, companies rarely achieve the ROI they could.

About Caitlin Culbert Poliska
Caitlin is the Marketo Practice Director for the Pedowitz Group. She is a Marketo Certified Solution Architect, Marketo Certified Expert, Marketo Certified Instructor, Salesforce Admin Certified and HubSpot Certified, working with Best Practices and strategies in Marketing Automation, Technology Optimization, Lead Management, Marketing Revenue attribution, Analytics, Social Media, Inbound and Outbound campaigns.

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