What is the relationship status of your Inbound and Outbound Marketing?


Written by Claire Rhoads

July 11, 2016

Remember the brief moment in time when people actually posted their dating relationship statuses on Facebook for everyone in their newsfeed to see?

I always found it awkwardly fascinating. There’s Bob, that guy that I barely know, but… oh! Apparently he just broke up with Tina…who I also don’t know.

There were a lot of broken heart icons.


Let me ask you – what is the status of your relationship?

I mean your Inbound-Outbound relationship, of course.

It’s a notoriously fractious relationship. One is from Mars, the other from Venus! Many marketing organizations separate these efforts in a siloed way, with isolated teams, strategies and technologies. Some marketers make the mistake of thinking that inbound is just for cold leads/lead generation and that outbound is just for nurture campaigns.

But the truth is, in order for both your inbound and outbound results to truly drive revenue, they need to work in close partnership. They deliver the best results when they both feed off of each other in tandem to create a fully customized, omni-channel, user-centric marketing experience that guides a lead toward a business decision.

There are 3 main categories of integration between inbound and outbound:

  1. Omni-Channel Lifecycle Planning and Strategy
  2. Content Development
  3. Technology and Platform Execution Integration

This leads to asking:

What is YOUR marketing activities’ Relationship STATUS?


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