Revenue Marketing Basics

Our free Revenue Marketing Basics course gives you the skills to go digital, engage customers and grow revenue, and it’s the first step to earn your Revenue Marketing Certification.

Why Join This Course?

Simply put, you need to drive your company’s revenue with marketing automation platforms such as Marketo Engage, this course will address proven strategies for digital marketing that include creating engaging campaigns, taming MarTech chaos, and the metrics that matter to measure it all. You walk away with a working basic knowledge of how to digitally engage customers to grow revenue and it’s free.

Who Should take this Course?

This course is the starting point for any aspiring revenue marketer, or partner in need of a quick understanding of digital marketing. The Revenue Marketing Basics course is the first step to earn TPG’s Revenue Marketing Certification. the concepts in this course can also be applied all marketing automation platforms including Pardot, Oracle Eloqua and much more.

What do you need to take this Course?

All you need to take this course is about an hour, and access to our free, on-demand course online!

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Intro to Revenue Marketing

Course Introduction
What are you doing about revenue?
Industry Drivers
Revenue Marketing Defined
A CMO’s Perspective on Digital Transformation

Module 3: Strategy Pillar

Strategy Pillar Defined
Business Alignment
Sales and Marketing Alignment
Extra Material: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Module 5: Process Pillar

Process Pillar Defined
Campaign Management
Data Management
Extra Material: Clean Your Dirty Database

Module 7: Customer Pillar

Customer Pillar Defined
Customer Journey Management
Content Operations
Extra Material: How to Map the Customer Journey

Module: Next Steps

Next Steps
Course Quiz
Extra Material: Take the Revenue Marketing Assessment

Module 2: RM6 Overview

The Revenue Marketing Journey
The 6 Pillars of Revenue Marketing
Extra Material: eBook – Rise of the Revenue Marketer

Module 4: People Pillar

People Pillar Defined
Talent Management
Organizational Structure
Extra Material: Revenue Marketing Org Structure

Module 6: Technology Pillar

Technology Pillar Defined
Technology Awareness
Revenue Marketing Architecture
Extra Material: The Wrong Way to Buy MarTech

Module 8: Results Pillar

Results Pillar Defined
Financial Outcomes
Measurement, Analysis and Reporting
Extra Material: Avoid Analytics Pitfalls

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Debbie Qaqish

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Debbie is a nationally recognized speaker, thought leader and innovator in the Revenue Marketing field, with more than 30 years of experience applying strategy, technology and process to help B2B companies drive revenue growth. She coined the term “Revenue Marketing” in 2011, and is the is author of the award-winning book, “Rise of The Revenue Marketer”

As a principal partner and chief strategy officer of The Pedowitz Group, Debbie is responsible for developing and managing global client relationships, as well as leading the firm’s thought leadership initiatives. In 2019, Dr. Debbie published her dissertation on how the CMO adopts financial accountability in a digital, customer-centric environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is revenue marketing?
Revenue Marketing is a strategy-to-action approach that enables marketers to go digital, engage customers and grow revenue in a repeatable, predictable and scalable way. Over 1,500 marketers have used this methodology since 2010.
What is the revenue marketing journey?
The Revenue Marketing Journey is a 4-stage maturity model that helps you understand where you are and where you need to go to drive repeatable, predictable and scalable revenue.
What is the course schedule?
The course is on-demand. You can start and finish the course on your own timeline.
How much does the course cost?
We’re passionate about revenue marketing and we want to provide this methodology to all marketers around the world, so we are offering this course free of charge.
How long do I have access to the course?
There is no expiration for your access to Revenue Marketing basics.
Is there a test to become certified?
Yes, there will be a 15 question quiz at the end of the course.
Will I get a certificate?
Yes, everyone who takes the course and passes the quiz will receive their Revenue Marketing Basics certification.