Topliners 101 for new Eloqua users

Oracle's Eloqua has a topliners community that's key for new users

Written by Stephanie Pence

March 3, 2016

Are you new to Eloqua and keep hearing about this thing called ‘Topliners’? Not sure where to start or how to use it? Here’s a Topliners guide for you!

What is Eloqua Topliners?

Topliners is a community for Eloquians (yes, that’s a real term we have coined for ourselves) to research How-To’s, post questions, get answers, find Eloqua documentation or notes on the latest releases and most importantly achieve badges and compete for participation points, because let’s be real, we are all a little competitive.

How to get started

Navigate to Topliners and click Log in in the upper right hand corner. If you have an Oracle Single Sign on account already, enter your credentials. If you do not have an account already, no need to worry, there is a button in the right column to create an Account.

**Note – make sure your user name is not a bunch of numbers. If you need to edit your user name, click your name in the upper right hand corner and select Edit Profile. **

Key Places to Follow

Within Topliners, there are groups that are great to participate in and follow. These are specific areas that contain information and discussions around a particular topic.

Some of my favorites to follow include:

  • Eloqua System Status – This is great resource to check when Eloqua may be acting funny and you’re unsure if there is a bug at work or if the problem is you. This group is great about giving updates on known issues as they occur and that they are working on fixes.
  • Eloqua10 Best Practice Templates Documentation
  • Your area User Group – This is great way to get connected to other Eloqua users in your area. There usually are gatherings for networking and learning about new features or hearing customer case studies.
  • AppCloud – This area is great when looking for plugins that fit well with Eloqua
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy – This is great if you have an All Access Pass and want to keep up with new classes that are being added and how to achieve different level certifications.
  • Eloqua users with SFDC Integration or Eloqua users with Siebel Integration – It’s always a good idea to have a group of people who have the same integration as you to help answer your questions when trying to troubleshoot errors or questions about possibilities for future.
  • Eloqua Insiders

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What are the tabs across the top?

After logging in, you will notice there are 5 brightly colored tabs across the top. What are these tabs used for and why are there so many? Do they all do the same thing? These were my questions the first time logging in. Here is a breakdown for you on each tab:

  • Do It – This is where most of the documentation lives. This is all of the technical stuff and great for asking “how-to” questions.
  • Code It – This is designed for more of the developers out there.
  • Dream It – This is where creative ideas and uses of the tools and marketing can be found. Use this area to inspire your marketing efforts.
  • CX Apps – Area for developers or companies interested in creating apps

You’re all set! I hope to connect with you all over on Topliners! And don’t forget to check out our other great content on our  Eloqua Resources hub.

Need more Eloqua help? We have you covered, or grab our practical guide!

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