Top 5 classes every Eloquan should take

August 23, 2016

Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy offers a number of very useful classes. The classes are targeted to all experience levels. The Luminary path is a great one to follow, but not everyone has the ability to devote the necessary time for all of the classes. If you’re having trouble deciding which to take next, my Eloqua Top Five will get you started. These are an absolute must for any Eloqua user.*

*Note: These suggestions assume that you have already taken all the fundamental classes. You may find our Eloqua practical guide helpful, as well.

1. Data Cleansing

This is the one course that every Eloqua user will eventually need. No matter the size of your company, there is always data that will come into your system that is not standardized, or does not follow the conventions you have set for your company. This class will walk you through how to standardize your data and create the program that will continuously clean your data.

The most common uses of Data Washing Machines are to clean country values, and to create Job Role and Function values out of Title. A good cleansing program can help you narrow the hundreds or thousands of titles to a few key values that you can successfully utilize for your marketing efforts.

2. Insight for Reporters and Insight for Analyzers

Yes, I am cheating by putting two classes into one, however, these two classes can vary depending on the user. Insight is one of the most underutilized areas of Eloqua I see among my clients. It is a new business intelligence tool to E10 that was not available in E9; I believe users got comfortable with their own BI tools and don’t realize how much they can actually do within Insight itself.

The main benefits of marketing automation are that we can look at analytics and improve our communication and campaigns through those results. Using Insight is crucial to progressing along your Revenue Marketing Journey™. Insight comes with many out-of-the-box reports that will help you analyze the performance of your campaigns and only take a few simple steps to run them. I also allows you to customize them to provide the specific data you need. While Analyzers have more robust customization abilities and can create reports, the Reporter license allows you to adjust the reports within Insight.

3. Email Deliverability

While people usually jump at the technical classes that will show you how to create or do something specific in Eloqua, the best-practice classes are just as important.

With privacy laws evolving and becoming more strict, it is essential that you know what they are so you can be compliant as you communicate with your audience through email. You do not want to end up with expensive fines because you are non-compliant with CAN-SPAM, CASL or European Laws.

This class will help you navigate those waters and improve your email deliverability. While you wait for your scheduled class to begin, get a quick overview of CASL here.

4. Custom Subscription Management

Eloqua has an out-of-the-box Subscription Center that is perfect for getting just about anyone up and running with Eloqua. It does not allow for much customization though. You cannot customize it to reflect your company’s branding (beyond a small logo), customize the functionality or have more than one subscription center. This class will walk you through how to create your own landing page and form that will incorporate the Email Groups ultimately creating a better experience for your audience.

5. Testing Campaigns and Assets

Much like the Email Deliverability and Privacy class, this class is a best practice class. Here at The Pedowitz Group we have a rigorous process that we follow for pre-launch testing and quality control, this class offers a great overview and touches on the importance of testing both before you launch a campaign and within your communication, which helps you understand what messages work best for your organization and your audience

This class will show you how to test the individual assets that make up your campaign as well as your campaign as a whole.

As we all know, there are multiple ways to accomplish various actions within Eloqua. Even if you think you know the material covered in a course, the chances are high that you will still learn something new. What’s also great is that people are always asking questions and bouncing ideas off of one another. Get ready to learn, brainstorm and solve problems alongside the Eloqua Community.

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